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How We Helped A Nordic NewsTech Business Implement a Multi-Channel Strategy for 2 Brands

With its sophisticated news-tech products, each uniquely positioned in the market, Norkon realized the opportunity to significantly expand its influence in news media.

Key Highlights:

  • Blog impressions increased by 400%
  • 80+ social shares for Norkon’s PR initiatives
  • 137% increase in conversions

How We Helped M-Files Achieve a 290% ROI With Google Ads in 6 International Markets

Explore how this partnership paved the way for M-Files to overcome barriers and thrive in a multi-market landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • A complete roadmap for M-Files Google Ads Strategy in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and France
  • A conversion tracking audit and optimization of GA4 and GTM
  • Increased conversions upward 81%, leading to 290% ROI

The Unparalleled Pandemic – Aeon Laser USA’s Marketing Transformation

Our team buckled down to help Aeon Laser USA craft their buyer personas, assisted in their brand development, as well as developed a sales funnel that nurtured and converted leads across holistic and multi-channel paid advertising efforts.

Key Highlights:

  • Recognized a shift from male customers to crafty mompreneurs
  • Developed a sales funnel through holistic and multi-channel strategies
  • Successful Facebook, Google Ads, and YouTube campaigns
  • Lasting results such as 191% increase in qualified leads, lower ad costs, and better growth insights

International Expansion for Pulze – Localized SEO Strategies in 9 Languages

Live&Breathe hired us to help localize Pulze’s website and SEO strategy for each target market, find the top digital platforms to expand their reach, and use insights to help them engage locally.

Key Highlights:

  • Target Market Research by native-speaking SEO strategists
  • 6 Month Content Plan ready for the local teams to implement
  • SEO Training for local teams with resources and templates
  • SEO-Informed holistic marketing strategy insights for leadership

Kindly’s Marketing Transformation – From Vision to Success

We developed their core strategy with a full understanding that each marketing channel contributes to the overall plan. Once we had a solid grasp on Kindly’s business ecosystem, we were able to Pablo Picasso their marketing strategy.

Key Highlights:

  • A solid SEO content strategy, Google Ads strategy, Brand positioning, LinkedIn strategy, and more
  • Grew 312% organic traffic growth globally and 10x SWE growth
  • Increased conversions by 107% and improved search rankings

Newfound SEO Growth for PTV Group – The Leading Global Software Company for Traffic Planning

Since May 2021, we’ve been a dynamic duo, collaborating on and off, as well as supporting them through multiple operational changes that have impacted their SEO strategy.

Key Highlights:

Wix’s Multi-Language Content Localization in 5 Languages

Explore exactly how we localized Wix’s content in 5 languages and leveled up their international SEO strategy.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategized fully localized, thought leadership content in 5 languages
  • Targeted each intent match keywords with search volume in all 5 markets
  • 4 important keywords in top 10 in the US (primary target market)

Conga’s Multi-Language SEO Localization Strategy in German and French

We created a complete roadmap for Conga’s in-house marketing team to localize efficient and high-impact content in German and French for a total of 100 content pieces.

Key Highlights:

  • Investigated detailed evaluation of SEO performance and competitor analysis
  • Expanded localized keywords and content pillars for authoritative content
  • Tracked significant increase in traffic and keyword rankings

SEO Success for Loyalty Prime – Increasing Reach and Revenue

This is how we helped Loyalty Prime achieve an impressive SEO growth, doubling search traffic and achieving 93% growth in organic keyword rankings.

Key Highlights:

  • Thorough SEO audit, market research, and content mapping
  • Focused strategies on BoFu and MoFu content to increase organic monthly traffic
  • Results: 2x search traffic, 93% organic keyword ranking growth

Restructum’s First-Mover Advantage through SEO Content Strategy

We leveraged our agency’s German SEO expertise, ability to navigate complex topics, and marketing operations prowess to help Restructum lead the new era of restructuring in Germany.

Key Highlights:

  • Leveraged low-search volume, high-purchase intent keywords
  • Analyzed localized SEO strategy for the German market
  • Rapid growth in keyword rankings and SERP features
  • Successful expansion into a new legal niche

The Growth of AS Marketing – Expanding Reach and Operations

Growing a business from the ground up is no easy feat. As an entrepreneur, you need to figure out what to prioritize, how to acquire long-term customers, and what needs to be done to create lasting momentum.

Key Highlights:

  • Optimized lead generation model with 55% leads from LinkedIn
  • Leveraged digital PR efforts leading to 250% backlink increase
  • Streamlined sales cycle and increased meetings-to-deal ratio
  • Leading to successful projects in over 20 languages, serving 100+ clients

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