As a marketer, you’re constantly looking for the best ways to attract your ideal audience, convert them into customers, and grow your brand.


What if you have a go-to marketing strategy that helps you improve brand awareness and your company’s impact?

As an experienced team of digital experts, we’ll help you find and connect with your ideal audience, expand your business into new markets, and create a cohesive marketing strategy that achieves a positive ROI in the most efficient manner:

Little to no training needed in order to begin:

We’re able to jump right in and develop a strong go-to marketing strategy, specifically for American companies looking to enter and grow their digital presence in the German market and German companies looking to do the same in English-speaking markets.

We have diverse experience in multiple industries, languages, and markets:

Let us be your translators, advisors and communicators, allowing you to better understand your customers needs and ultimately, improving your value proposition.

We focus on bringing you and your company the best possible results:

Together, we’ll scale up your sales and marketing efforts by developing lead generation and lead nurturing systems that integrate seamlessly into your business operations.

We have helped similar companies achieve success.

AS Marketing + You = Your Marketing Dream Team


Say hello to your new interim Head of Marketing, who’s backed by an experienced team of digital marketing experts! When we work together, we see ourselves as a part of your team. There to develop and execute clear, comprehensive, and holistic marketing strategies.

You get full access to both our marketing knowledge and expertise and our multicultural experience of both English-speaking and German-speaking markets.

Here are the ways we support you and your marketing team

How I ended up living in Germany as an American

I grew up in a small town called Joseph, Oregon in the US. I spent most of my childhood reading about other countries and cultures, which eventually led me to majoring in Anthropology in university.

This nurtured my interest in understanding people from different cultures, which I later got to experience first-hand when I studied abroad in Spain.

Spending more time in Europe and backpacking through 10 countries made me realize that my personality was the perfect fit for the European lifestyle. I just loved the rich culture and quality of life in European cities!

I eventually landed up in Hamburg, where I fell in love with the city and instantly felt at home.

I then spent a few whirlwind months learning the language to fluency, navigating the German bureaucracy and entering the world of freelancing.

I quickly started stacking up my marketing skills while taking on various other freelance jobs, including writing SEO content, doing translations, and helping manage marketing teams.

Five years, hundreds of discovery calls, and countless satisfied clients later, I’m now proudly running a small, but mighty, online marketing agency. With the support of my team, I develop and execute holistic marketing strategies for a variety of clients in the B2B Tech and SaaS space.

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We’re here to help you increase your global online presence, break into new markets, increase sales, and scale your business.


Meet your talented, multicultural team

Our team of digital marketing specialists are the perfect addition to your company’s marketing team. With different marketing backgrounds, skills, and cultures, we’re able to deliver holistic and comprehensive marketing strategies and services to our clients around the world. As a team, we’re able to effectively work as your company’s marketing team.

AJ Toker is a web development and marketing consultant who helps build the connection and simplifies marketing and web technologies. After years working with a marketing team, he realized there was a major gap between marketing and development that was harmful to the customer experience. So he built systems and skills to remedy that.

He was born and raised on a farm in Canada and currently resides in the “big city” of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. When not working, he can be found conquering summits in the Rocky Mountains or at home with his two dogs exploring city parks.

Alessia is a creative, passionate and forward-thinking User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) innovator with success spanning the full design lifecycle.

She built her career in a variety of roles and industries, including recent success as UI / UX Designer on a freelance basis for multiple clients. During this time, she analysed and assimilated each client’s website and mobile application requirements while promoting and implementing solutions. She enjoys every step of the design process – from discussion and collaboration, to concept and execution – but she finds the most satisfaction in seeing the finished product and the client’s happiness.

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