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Ditch Translations. Get Personal. Win At Global.

AS Marketing: Where Localization Drives Globalization

Today’s world is indeed global – but it’s also incredibly diverse. We travel extensively, we have multiple nationalities, and we speak different native languages.

With a newly finished degree in Anthropology, our CEO and Founder, Adriana Stein, learned the importance of understanding different cultures and languages, so she set out to make that her career. After leaving the US for extensive travels across Europe, she decided to settle in Hamburg, Germany and make it her new home.

She spent a few months learning German and then started searching for jobs. She quickly found that her language skills were best applied in the world of multilingual content marketing.

After much demand for her work, she realized this was precisely what many companies could benefit from:

Native speaker marketers to bridge the gap between different languages, cultures, and regions.

AS Marketing was founded on the premise of being this bridge.

Companies are missing out on huge opportunities when they prioritize AI-generated translations over localization. With the modern market standards, companies that avoid localization won’t survive in the future.

In fact, localization is exactly what your customers expect, especially since local competitors are already doing it.

So if you want to win at global expansion, you actually need to exceed local standards.

It’s time to ditch vague, mass-market globalization and join us to bring a new era:

Personalization for local market languages and cultures.

Our multilingual marketing experts help our clients take a highly personalized approach and localize marketing strategies for regional nuances in over 30 native languages.

We understand cultural differences and unique nuances between languages because our team is built from the precisely the same people you target. The more you understand your regional audience and their preferences and habits, the more you’ll resonate with them.

Isn’t it high time you celebrated this diversity and reaped the rewards?

We drive growth in your international target regions with results-driven, localized marketing strategies developed by native speakers.

Native Language Messaging

Our native language experts make sure that your content is more than just translated. By thinking like the locals, we’re experts at integrating cultural differences into all marketing messaging, so you become your customers’ top choice.

Marketing With A Purpose

We never create content or run campaigns for the sake of just “doing marketing”. Every minute of our effort and every dollar you spend goes into creating marketing assets that have a specific purpose and generate conversions for sustainable growth.



We make sure your audience is hanging on the edge of their seat with captivating, emotionally-driven storytelling that resonates specifically with them. We create stories that engage your audience and drive long-lasting results.


Say hello to your new team of international marketing consultants with native speakers of over 30 different languages! With expertise in multilingual and holistic marketing strategies, we’re here to deliver real results.

We help you target the people and places you need in order to enjoy successful global expansion.

Join us in our mission to become the go-to multilingual marketing agency known around the world!

AS Marketing’s team of international consultants is always growing. We offer fully remote positions that allow you to work from wherever you are, whenever you can. With flexible hours, fun projects, and a diverse team of professionals, we set our multilingual marketing experts up for success.

If you’re interested in joining our team of experienced marketers in a supportive environment with regular growth opportunities, send us an email today!

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