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You spring out of bed, brew yourself a fresh cup of organic vanilla coffee and sit down at your desk.

You’re finally ready to start your SEO strategy, so you watch two Youtube tutorials.

Those two videos quickly turn into four more, and now you’re down a rabbit hole scratching your head and muttering, “wait, keyword cannibalization? WHAT!?”

Now it’s 4 pm and you’ve wasted precious hours you should have used on your zone of genius. 

We get you because we were once in your shoes. But we know better now and we want you to save time and resources, cut through the baloney, and get straight to a custom SEO strategy that works for you, your audience, and your brand.

As a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, we know how to help you understand SEO-related data, how to teach you SEO best practices, and how to build a content strategy that satisfies your customers, boosts organic traffic, and consistently grows your business.

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What is SEO consulting?

SEO is complex and it’s certainly no walk in the park. For this reason, so many businesses do it wrong or give up before they see results. 

Clients who come to us for SEO consultation typically have these issues: 

  • They’ve got next to no organic traffic
  • They’ve been using random keywords across the website with no strategic intent
  • They’ve chosen keywords that don’t fit the topic
  • No SEO best practices have been implemented

And after this, they’re stumped as to why it’s not working. 

You see, using SEO for your business is like driving a car.  You can have a shiny new BMW (SEO software), a full gas tank (basic keyword knowledge), and directions ready to go in your iPhone (on-page SEO), but if you don’t know how to drive the car… you’ll never get to your destination.

Simply put, if you don’t have extensive knowledge about how SEO works and how to customize it for your specific business objectives, you’ll easily dump a lot of money and time down the drain. 

Now that you’re on board with the importance of a proper SEO strategy here’s where our expertise comes into play…

We’ve worked on websites with 300,000+ organic search traffic. Over 300,000 people visit that website because they’ve searched for something in Google and clicked on it. And, this number is consistently increasing. 

Businesses are built and sustained with SEO.

One of our clients, QR Code Generator, is a perfect example. Through our SEO work, they have converted over 2 million customers and are still growing to date.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how you can achieve those results with an SEO consultation. 

5 Benefits of using SEO consulting services

SEO consulting agency in Hamburg

SEO consulting has one core advantage: you get results much faster than doing it yourself. 

Here’s another analogy to really drive this point home:

If you needed to install an entirely new plumbing system and you have no knowledge about plumbing, you’ve got two options: spend tons of time doing research, buy a bunch of parts you’re not sure will work, make a few mistakes when setting it up, and finally finish it after ages of time, only for it to break down again later.

Or hire someone to do it, get it done quickly and accurately. That’s it.

SEO is no different.

Here are the concrete benefits of hiring an SEO expert.

#1 Creates content that effectively markets your business for years to come

The major advantage of using a content marketing strategy centered around SEO is that you create and publish content on channels that you own, your website in particular. You control how that content is published, promoted, and what happens with it afterward.

When you rely on other marketing methods like Google Ads and social media, someone else controls how successful you are there. You could wake up tomorrow and *POOF* Instagram is gone. 

And, the brutal truth is… we don’t know how much more expensive these channels will become in the near future. Consider Facebook, for example. What started as a free and lucrative platform for promoting your business is now a “pay to play” platform where organic reach is basically dead. 

Here’s a recession-proof idea: bring customers to your website through SEO and keep them there through high-value content.

When done right, SEO follows the same principles as the compound effect. Invest now, be patient and see your results double or triple over time. 

#2 Reach your target demographic and niche market faster 

SEO is not about selling to customers. 

That’s what advertising is for. 

Instead, SEO focuses on informing them so well that they come to you for help and end up buying your product or service. That in turn reaches your demographic and niche in a much stronger and more sustainable manner. 

In other words, they wholeheartedly trust your brand, because you’re speaking directly to them… just like two besties having a conversation in a coffee shop.

Any well-designed SEO strategy keeps your audience at the forefront. The content you develop should align with your audience’s particular demographic data, language, the way they speak (tone), and answer the most relevant questions for them — and all this in a transparent and trustworthy manner. 

I know what you’re thinking… “Will this approach save me money?” Because, let’s be honest… we all want to get the best value for the least amount of money, so you, my friend are in luck.

#3 Reduces your advertising budget 

Let’s ponder this thought: you’re going to spend money on your business regardless but would you rather waste money trying to figure things out on your own or get straight to the point and double your profits quicker?

Say, Tim spends $500 per month on Facebook ads and he makes only $1,000 back. That’s $6,000 a year spent on ads with an ROI of $12,000. 

Julie on the other hand spends $1000 for two months for SEO consulting services and makes both those payments back and then some in targeted leads and sales. Julie has also set herself up for future success. 

And, because Julie invested in a personalized SEO strategy, her need to pay for ads is reduced. 

Here’s why: SEO improves your online presence and brings in more organic traffic to your site. 

Since the problem (generating leads and increasing site traffic) is solved, advertising costs can be drastically cut. 

However, this is not to say you should have no paid marketing strategy at all, but SEO certainly trims some of that excess money spent that you can use for business development or giving yourself a raise. 

If you’re already sold on the value of SEO but struggling to get the higher-ups on board, calculate your SEO ROI and show them its value on your next Zoom call.

#4 Allows you to focus on your business

You may have been taught in school that multitasking is efficient, but we beg to differ. In fact, some researchers suggest that multitasking can actually reduce productivity by as much as 40%

Concentrating on many things at the same time drains your energy and reduces your overall performance. By outsourcing to an expert SEO consultant, your staff gets the chance to focus on other important matters in your business. 

This can be defining your marketing strategies or refining your product to meet the needs of your target client. They can also learn from this person and apply SEO methods in-house over the long run.

And, last but not least… SEO helps to increase brand awareness. 

#5 Enhance brand awareness through organic traffic

Brand awareness is one of the critical goals that determine the growth rate of any business. 

The more the number of prospects who are aware of your existence, the higher the chances of generating more revenue. 

Organic traffic enhances your brand awareness because target clients find you when they search for services like yours on Google to solve their problems. 

About the Author

Adriana Stein is an Online Marketing Consultant based in Hamburg, Germany. Originally from the US, she is a native English speaker and specializes in helping companies with their SEO & content marketing strategies, along with graphic design, brand copy and website development.​

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“Working with the AS Marketing team has been a pleasure. The team was able to not only craft a content and email marketing strategy to help us reach our goals, but also to lead us throughout the whole implementation process with dedication and expertise. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to up its game in content marketing.”

Tobias Arns

Chief Marketing Officer, Kindly

“AS Marketing has been very helful in developing and executing our SEO content plan. Before working with her, we didn’t know how to approach our content marketing in an efficient and cost-effective way. But from day 1, Adriana gave us a concrete plan that was really centered on the needs of our customers. Thanks to her, our organic traffic continues to increase, and with that, our user base and revenue. We’ve never worked with an SEO consultant like her before with suck a holistic and customer-centric approach to marketing.”

Anja Zschörnig

VP of Marketing, Loyalty Prime

“With the launch of the new company, we were looking for an agency to place us effectively. We started working with AS Marketing, and so far, it has been really good. Not having to micromanage the project was one of the key advantages of working with them. While it’s only been 6 months, I am sure we will have our desired results in a year. AS Marketing delivers regular content and audits, so we know we are on the right truck.

Kanika Choudhary

Brand Marketing Manager, Restructum

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