The Unparalleled Pandemic
Pivot: How Aeon Laser USA Gained a 191% Increase in Leads

Like many online businesses, this worldwide crisis completely flipped the way we do business. And those without flexibility were left in the dust.

But not Aeon Laser USA.

They tapped into their target audience and recognized their once predominantly male customer base had rapidly turned into the crafty mompreneur. 

You see, Aeon Laser USA, a company that prides itself off of creating industrial lasers and one of a kind customer service, was happy about this change as the demand for their products skyrocketed.

The problem?

They needed to align their marketing efforts with their new customer base.

That’s where AS Marketing came in. Our team buckled down to help Aeon Laser USA craft their buyer personas, assisted in their brand development, as well as developed a sales funnel that nurtured and converted leads across holistic and multi-channel paid advertising efforts.

After more than a year of working together, they saw a 191% increase in qualified leads, lower ad costs, and a better understanding of their growth needs.

The Unparalleled Pandemic Pivot: How Aeon Laser Gained a 191% Increase in Leads

How We Helped Aeon Laser USA Scale Their Marketing Strategy

Buyer Persona & Brand

We identified new buyer personas and a brand tone of voice that allowed us to create and implement a holistic marketing strategy focused on a lifestyle of empowering stay at home moms to create a business using a laser machine.

Sales Funnel

Our goal was to build a database of potential customers by nurturing them through a sales funnel. In our approach, we designed their content strategy and ads to attract their target audience, but we also aimed to guide them through the sales funnel with informative emails to keep them nurtured.


Facebook is where their people are at, so we knew we needed to supercharge our efforts there. Facebook ads were curated with the idea of selling a lifestyle change versus selling a product. With their new buyer personas in mind, we set up more targeted audiences to expand their qualified reach.

Google Ads

With the big picture in mind, we merged our understanding of their sales funnel with Google Campaigns to be focused on MoFu and BoFu keywords to compliment their Facebook strategy. We then encompassed brand awareness campaigns and prospecting campaigns focusing on competitor keywords and retargeting campaigns.


Like many businesses, Aeon had some valuable content that wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. Youtube allowed us to gain traffic to the website by targeting users who had an interest in Aeon Laser’s products or competitor products.

Conversion Tracking

We devised a plan to ensure we knew exactly which point of the sales funnel users entered by setting up lists and tagging them within the client’s CRM. This enabled us to better manage holistic marketing automations, have more sophisticated tracking, and further optimize campaigns, to make more informed marketing decisions.

Here are the top results:

Here you can see the increase in events across the website since Facebook Ads went live in April 2022. Looking at a 6 month period, there was an increase of 191% in lead forms generated from all marketing efforts compared to the previous year. We added additional tracking to the website to ensure all our marketing efforts were being documented.

Looking at Facebook singularly, the new campaigns generated 592 leads within the first 6 months, which accounted for 31.35% of all leads within that time frame.

The Google Ads search strategy was launched in November. In the first month, we saw an additional 179 leads generated from this marketing effort during this period this accounted for 64% of all leads (17th November – 31st December)

Here’s the Google Ads data for the same time period. We were able to reduce the cost / conv to $41.40 and average CPC of $0.84. This led to 146.50 leads generated from all campaigns running (please note attribution windows differ from UA and GA)

50% increase in branded keyword traffic to the website (1000 more visitors) month on month prior to to May 2022

32% increase in conversion rate comparing to the year before

191% increase in leads from paid media efforts and 203% increase from all marketing efforts compared to the year before

An additional 130,000 new users to the website comparing YOY

I am thrilled to recommend AS Marketing and their exceptional team!

From our earliest communications, the ASM team stood out as having a rare combination of experience, emotional intelligence, empathic communication, and a unique approach to digital marketing that met the mark for an ideal ongoing partnership.

AS Marketing’s team demonstrated a deep understanding of our company’s needs, goals, and values. They took the time to get to know us and our target audience, and crafted a customized, holistic marketing strategy that addressed our specific challenges and opportunities.

Their approach was comprehensive and integrated, leveraging various channels and techniques to maximize our reach and impact. They expertly managed and ran effective paid ads campaigns, facilitated a fun and effective process to help us more clearly define and articulate our brand values, and helped us track significant touch points across a very fragmented, complex sales funnel.

What impressed me the most, however, was their emotional intelligence and empathetic communication style. They truly cared about our success, and went above and beyond to ensure that we felt heard, supported, and empowered throughout the entire process. Their team was always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and address any concerns we had.

Thanks to AS Marketing’s exceptional work, Aeon Laser USA has experienced significant growth in brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue. Our reputation has been strengthened, and we have gained a loyal following of customers and partners who believe in our vision and values.

Emily Martinez, Customer Success Team, Aeon Laser USA


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The Challenge: From Male-Dominated to Stay-at-Home Mompreneur

When Aeon came to us they needed help with their marketing efforts that complimented their switch of customer base. Prior to the pandemic, they sold their laser machines to B2B customers who were predominantly male. They quickly realized that the pandemic switched their customer demographic on its head with “stay-at-home” moms in demand for their product. These women were turning their craft into cash, and they wanted to upgrade their hobby lasers to industrial lasers to keep up with the success of their businesses.

With this in mind, it was evident that Aeon Laser USA needed to re-work their marketing strategy to be more in tune with their new found demographic.

Our Secret Weapon: To Walk the Walk, You Must Talk the Talk

We learned the pain points of the product and hesitation of buying the product from the buyer personas. This allowed us to truly understand the user at each point of the sales funnel. With this information, we created a story of ads which followed the user through the sales funnel and answered those all important queries and questions.

It was evident that we needed to rely on their new found brand ambassador and existing customers to be the face of the brand, we needed to get their stories and laser journeys across to new customers to show them that like minded people were able to turn their hobby into a successful business.

We also incorporated the many USP’s that Aeon has over its competitors such as business advice, partner programs and exceptional customer service!

We also aligned all ad campaigns with specific landing pages for each stage of the sales funnel, which allowed users to get the information they needed before making an educated decision about whether an Aeon Laser USA is right for them.

The Process: How to Develop a Holistic Marketing Strategy for a Complex Lifestyle Brand

1. Buyer Persona Development gave us a roadmap forward. It provided Aeon with a critical understanding of what makes their people tick, including their needs and objectives. This paved the way for their sales team too, helping them better anticipate their needs. In the end we had key messaging strategies that allowed them to engage and convert their people. We helped shift the dynamic from just selling a product to selling a story, freedom, & lifestyle that empowers women.

2. SEO Content Strategy, specifically an SEO audit and keyword map that became the foundation of their website relaunch which set them up for quick, sustainable wins.

3. Sales Funnel is the key to scale any business and with Aeon it was no different. By developing their foundational lead generation sales funnel, they were able to nurture leads from other channels like SEO and paid ads– maximizing their touchpoints and nurturing their people every step of the way. We also developed multiple email programs to maximize opportunities for engagement throughout the whole customer journey.

4. Marketing Automations Strategy started out with an audit of their current marketing automation setup and recommendations to improve their content (for example - by adding personalizations, using dynamic content, and suggesting A/B testing opportunities) and identifying process-related bottlenecks. We mapped their customer journey to find more opportunities for engaging with leads and simplify their marketing automation tech stack.

5. Facebook Ads involved prospecting users from lookalike audiences, as well as audiences with similar interests and behaviors at the ToFu. We then ensured all other marketing efforts were incorporated in ad campaigns that were aimed at MoFu, which finally pushed them through a BoFu retargeting campaign.

6. Google Ads focused on Brand Awareness, (including a brand campaign and a competitor campaign). We also used Google to prospect users who were in the MoFu stage and were already interested in laser machines. By running a maximize clicks campaign, we reduced CPC, which also meant we gained higher traffic to the site by guiding their audience through the Facebook Ads Strategy. Due to the high volume of traffic, we also set up retargeting campaigns such as RLSA’s and Display ads which focus on users with a much higher purchase intent. This gamechanger led to more leads generated and ultimately, sales.

7. Youtube Ads allowed us to gain traffic to the website via prospecting campaigns. We targeted users who were searching or had an interest in Laser Engraving Machines and those who were already looking at competitor products.

Not sure where to start? We got ya!

Buyer personas, content strategy, SEO, paid ads– you name it, we do it. And from years of experience we’ve found many businesses have mismatched marketing leaving them in tears and with empty pockets. This doesn’t have to be you!

The Content Examples: Engaging Facebook Ads to Converting Landing Pages

We learned every angle of Aeon’s customer pain points and buying hesitations during the buyer persona and brand strategy development. This enabled us to understand the user at each point of the sales funnel. From there we created a story of ads following the user through the sales funnel, hitting all the crucial questions they were wondering about.

We helped them lean into their new found brand ambassador and existing customers to be the face of the brand. We highlighted their laser stories to reach other like-minded people and build trust amongst them.

Content Example 1 - Facebook ToFu Ads

From our client research it became clear that their buyer personas were unaware of or had little knowledge of Aeon Laser USA - They found that the majority of their customer base were already accustomed to well-known hobby lasers, and they would eventually upgrade to an Aeon Laser USA machine once they needed a machine to keep up with their product demands. We wanted to break this cycle and introduce potential users to the brand prior to purchasing a hobby laser. So we created a prospecting campaign that targeted new users at the point of their interest and led them through a series of retargeting ads.

Content Example 2 - Facebook MoFu Ads

A key factor in the success of our Facebook ad strategy was social proof from previous customers. We combined images of real mompreneurs with testimonials to help encourage prospective customers to take a similar leap. We also highlighted a major product USP for Aeon Laser USA - saving time - which highly intrigued our stay at home mom target audience.

Content Example 3 - Facebook BoFu Ads

From awareness to consideration, the target audience was guided down the sales funnel with various ad campaigns. We knew we needed to get the Aeon brand name out there, a difficult task considering the market was saturated with hobby lasers and the majority of customers upgrade from a hobby laser to something more industrial. But we wanted to cut out the middleman and inform the target audience of Aeon Laser USA. We used real-life examples of customers and focused on these users outgrowing their business and how Aeon laser helped with that.

Content Example 4 - Facebook Ads Ad Hoc

At the last step, we hit them with a promotional post to convert them into Aeon Laser enthusiasts!

Content Example 5 - Targeted Landing Pages

Each ad we promoted aligned with a specific landing page for each stage of the sales funnel, which allowed users to get the information they needed before making an educated decision about whether Aeon Lasers were right for them

Top of the Funnel Landing Page

The purpose of this page was to educate users about lasers, specifically Aeon Laser as a brand versus just a product. This page featured a well-known partner and Youtube influencer Emily Caroline, who shared her brand story with Aeon Laser USA. This page also provided a hub of information such as signing up to informational laser webinars, downloading how-to guides and featuring similar stories from already existing customers.

Middle of the Funnel Landing Page

This page is where we began to sell the dream. We focused on empowering moms everywhere to become their own boss and “turn their craft into cash.” We also introduced each of the lasers and their benefits, as well as showcased a customer spotlight stories, and offered answers to those burning customers questions.

Bottom of the Funnel Landing Page

The final page sealed the deal! This page offered even more information about each laser machine, the aeon USP’s, further customer stories to enforce “trust builders” and options about financing. This page left no customer question unturned. With this flow of information, we found that users who entered their details on the last page were truly interested in purchasing a laser and this made it easier for the sales team to focus on more qualified leads.

With each landing page, we continuously optimized the page for the best user experience. This helped us fine tune each conversion point to ensure customers got all of the information they needed at the right time within their customer journey. We also made separate landing pages for Google Ads, as we were targeting users who were further down the sales funnel.

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