How an SEO Content Plan Increased Loyalty Prime’s Reach and Revenue in One Year

How an SEO Content Plan Increased Loyalty Prime’s Reach and Revenue in One Year

If you’re a B2B company breaking into a new market, SEO is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies for building brand awareness, generating leads, and growing your customer base. But for some B2B companies, this may not be so obvious.

Take Loyalty Prime, for example, a SaaS company providing loyalty SaaS solutions for multiple global industries. With a very specific niche and low search volume, they were unsure if SEO would even work for them. Until we performed an SEO audit and found a goldmine. What followed was an SEO strategy and full-stack marketing support that took their company from a state of utter confusion to complete confidence in the value of SEO for their business.

How We Helped Loyalty Prime Achieve Their SEO Goals

Step 1
SEO Audit

We looked at Loyalty Prime’s current content performance to determine what’s working vs what isn’t

Step 2
Target Market Research

We holistically reviewed the buyer personas, customer journey, and developed a new market-specific content approach based on the insights gained from the meetings with the sales leaders.

Step 3
Keyword Research and Content Mapping

We did keyword research and mapped our content strategy, starting with BoFu keywords that exactly matched what Loyalty Prime sells, such as “loyalty platform” and “loyalty saas solution.”

Step 4
Scaled Our Content Strategy

Once we gained traction with our initial target keywords, we scaled from BoFu content to MoFu content verticals that covered topics like different types of loyalty programs and how-to guides in order to consistently increase organic monthly traffic.

Here are the top results:

Here’s how Loyalty Prime’s visibility grew, thanks to SEO.

Determine search intent for B2B audience

2x search traffic within one year (June 2020 to June 2021)

93% growth in organic keyword rankings

30+ high rankings for keywords with purchase intent, such as “loyalty software” and “loyalty saas solution”

Stronger sales and marketing alignment, a much better understanding of their local market personas, and business growth clarity

Adriana has been very helpful in developing and executing our SEO content plan. Before working with her, we didn’t know how to approach our content marketing in an efficient and cost-effective way. But from day 1, Adriana gave us a concrete plan that was really centered on the needs of our customers. Thanks to her, our organic traffic continues to increase, and with that, our user base and revenue. We’ve never worked with an SEO consultant like her before with such a holistic and customer-centric approach to marketing.

Anja Zschörnig

Head of Marketing, Loyalty Prime

We help B2B SaaS companies just like yours grow their reach and revenue.

Not sure of the value of SEO and how it helps you achieve your business goals? Let’s start with an SEO audit to discover your top content marketing opportunities and craft a strategy that puts your ideal customer front and center.

The Challenge: Tapping into International Markets and Low Awareness of Product Benefits

Loyalty Prime had many challenges when they first approached us.

For one, they were taking baby steps into new international markets and needed guidance. They had a niche and rather complex solution that their target audience wasn’t really searching for. Furthermore, their past experience working with other SEO agencies had been quite disappointing. This made them unsure if getting an SEO expert on board was even worth it.

But Anja Zschöring, then Head of Marketing (now VP of Marketing), knew an SEO strategy was the long-game approach they needed to start increasing awareness of the benefits of their product and their brand. But without extensive in-house resources and the technical knowledge to do so, she knew she needed to bring in an SEO expert.

Enter: AS Marketing.

Our Secret Weapon: Leveraging Low-Search Volume, High Purchase Intent Keywords

Most people shy away from low-search volume keywords, but not us at AS Marketing. We knew straight away how to leverage the power of low search-volume keywords to solve their problem (more on this in the next section).

As for tapping into international markets, we first needed more information about Loyalty Prime’s customers to better understand how to move forward. And, we knew just the people that would unveil some juicy details… the sales team.

Why? As they are the ones who interact the most with potential customers, they know first-hand what makes prospects tick. And this information is something we always try to incorporate into our marketing strategies, especially for long-term clients.

The Process: How to Build A Successful SEO Strategy for a Niche B2B SaaS product

  1. Conducted an SEO audit. We looked at Loyalty Prime’s current content performance, analyzed their competitors’ SEO strategy, and did thorough keyword research. 
  2. Clarified the buyer persona and mapped the customer journey. While most SEOs would take their keyword research and run with it, at AS Marketing we know that crafting an effective SEO strategy requires a deep understanding of our client’s ideal customer and their unique story.
  3. Learn from the people at the forefront: sales. It’s important to know what customers are saying on sales calls – what their buying obstacles are, how the buying process works, and what they need to know to make a decision. By getting the sales and marketing teams together, we were able to fully understand our ideal customer and had a better grasp on how to position their content.
  4. Uncovered top opportunities with high purchase intent keywords. Armed with the keyword research from our SEO audit and an ideal client avatar, we developed an SEO content strategy that focused on keywords exactly related to what Loyalty Prime sold such as “loyalty platform” and “saas loyalty solutions.”
  5. Mapped our keywords into content verticals to build a cohesive site structure. Once we had an extensive keyword list to work with, we started clustering keywords according to search intent and possible content verticals, which became the basis of our optimized site structure. Developing a site structure in this manner ensures that the content we create aligns with the audience’s search intent and content needs as they go through the sales funnel.
  6. Scaled our content production. We prioritized publishing BoFu landing pages to give Loyalty Prime the results they needed: an increase in targeted leads and closed sales. After we gained traction with our BoFu target keywords, we started producing MoFu content, which further helped Loyalty Prime capture their ideal clients early along the buyer journey. Overall, this strategy set them up for long-term content marketing success.

Our SEO audit revealed that we could target low search volume keywords with high purchase and commercial intent, giving Loyalty Prime a return on their SEO investment.

Accelerate your business growth with an SEO strategy that connects your brand with your ideal customers

Targeting specific and niched keywords is exactly what accelerates your organic traffic growth and business revenue – even when you don’t have the domain authority, brand awareness, or resources of your more established competitors.

Ready to implement this for your brand?

The Content Examples: B2B Content that Ranks and Converts

  • BoFu: Platform pages that gave the customer all the information they needed to finalize their buying decision, such as the features and possible integrations of the platform, as well as the benefits of working with Loyalty Prime.
  • BoFu: Case studies that showed how other companies specifically benefited from using the platform.
  • MoFu: Types of loyalty programs to educate the customer about loyalty programs.
  • MoFu: Industry pages that demonstrated use cases for key target industries.
  • MoFu: Buyer guides per persona type (for the Marketer, IT, and CEO) to help the buying committee weigh the pros and cons of using a loyalty platform.
  • ToFu: Blog articles that aimed to educate our target audience about the value of customer loyalty.
Here are a few examples of such content that performed well: Content Example 1: BoFu Sales Page with the focus keyword “loyalty platform features”

Creating bottom-of-funnel content while targeting low-search volume keywords with purchase intent is a great SEO strategy to get quick wins.

Content Example 2: MoFu Guide with the focus keyword “best loyalty program software”

Once we saw our bottom-of-funnel content getting traction, we started writing middle-of-funnel content that aimed to educate our prospective clients.

Once our organic traffic increased thanks to our bottom-of-funnel content, we started creating top- and middle-of-funnel content that aimed to educate our prospective clients on the value of customer retention and loyalty, and position Loyalty Prime as an industry leader and authority.

We created comprehensive articles on loyalty programs with best practices and how-to guides.

Content Example 3: MoFu loyalty program types vertical with keywords like “tier based loyalty programs”

This is also a middle-of-funnel content to educate our buyer personas on the different types of loyalty programs.

Content Example 4: ToFu blog articles for keywords like “loyalty program benefits”

And blogged about the benefits of customer loyalty strategies.

We also started blogging top-of-funnel content that helped our ideal clients reach their goals and aspirations.

By focusing on our top content opportunities, we were able to help Loyalty Prime get quick wins and start attracting their ideal audience right away, and then build a foundation for long-term success.

Grow your reach and revenue with a B2B SEO content strategy

Our role at AS Marketing is simple: we look at our clients’ needs holistically and with a growth mindset, and we always aim to nurture healthy partnerships.

We’d love to have you as our next partner.
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