How We Helped A Nordic NewsTech Business Implement a Multi-Channel Strategy for 2 Brands

With its sophisticated news-tech products, each uniquely positioned in the market, Norkon realized the opportunity to significantly expand its influence in news media.

News media was craving for innovation, and Norkon had solutions at hand.
However, the complexity of their products and the specific needs of their audience presented unique challenges.

On one hand, Norkon offers Fantasy Funds, a stock market game for newspapers to attract and engage new audiences. Often used in combination with Pulse, an integration for livestock market data.

On the other hand, Norkon has Live Center, a comprehensive reporting tool that enables journalists to report on major news events live by the minute.

The unique selling proposition for Live Center is similar to that of Fantasy Funds and Pulse, with more signups, higher engagement, and better data collection for newspapers.

The challenge was to craft a holistic marketing strategy that capitalized on the opportunities given for each product.

Due to our deep knowledge of B2B tech and understanding of complex audiences, Alexandra Lehner, Norkon’s Marketing Manager, turned to AS Marketing.

How We Helped A Nordic NewsTech Business Implement a Multi-Channel Strategy for 2 Brands

Here's How We Implemented Our Strategy:

We started our journey with a marketing automation audit of Norkon’s current lead generation funnel, content, and tech gap analysis to remove process-related bottlenecks

We crafted a foundational lead generation sales funnel for Fantasy Funds with recommendations for marketing automation content and the strategy to promote it (lead magnet, landing page, emails)

Our team carefully constructed an SEO strategy for both Fantasy Funds and Live Center, incl. market competitor analysis, content pillars, keyword mapping, content production, and technical SEO

We completed a Google Ads roadmap for Fantasy Funds and Live Center and implemented it in select target markets (with ongoing ad optimization to keyword targeting, bid strategy, and ad copy)

A setup of both prospecting and retargeting LinkedIn ad campaigns for Fantasy Funds and Live Center including A/B testing of different campaigns, audiences, CTAs, and design creatives

A digital PR playbook including pitching and content production of thought-leadership articles, interview excerpts, and a digital event

Here are the top results for Norkon:

Blog impressions increased by 400% (Google Search Console)

Blog search clicks increased by 200% (Google Search Console)

80+ social shares for Norkon’s PR initiatives (INMA)

Here are the top results for Live Center:

100% increase in conversions (GA4)

100% increase in blog impressions (Google Search Console)

40+ social shares for Live Center PR initiatives (INMA, Linkedin)

“As a start-up company in the B2B software industry, limited resources and small teams are the norm. We worked very closely with AS Marketing like an extended marketing team and were able to immensely benefit from their incredible expertise in SEO content strategy, content creation, and paid campaign management. Beyond helping us establish our brand and improve our domain authority, the team was also very flexible and approachable to exchange ideas. I truly enjoyed working with the team and very much look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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The Process: Crafting Strategic Foundations for Fantasy Funds & Live Center

In the realm of multi-channel marketing, prioritization can pose a challenge.

At AS Marketing, we address this hurdle by laying a foundation grounded in a deep understanding of local market search behavior, industry insights, and competitor positioning to determine high-priority actions. 

This knowledge forms the bedrock for developing content pillars, refining brand messaging, and devising effective paid advertising strategies.

Turning our attention to Norkon, we kicked off with Fantasy Funds, the stock market gamification platform. Tailored for newspapers, it serves as a lead generation tool and nurturing funnel, guiding users toward paid subscriptions and exclusive paywall content.

Phase 1: Foundational Lead Generation Sales Funnel for Fantasy Funds

Beginning our journey, we delved into an in-depth examination of Fantasy Fund’s key markets and existing marketing automation systems, laying the groundwork for an innovative lead-generation funnel.

We conducted a comprehensive audit of the current marketing automation processes and came up with a new, suggested automation process

We also explored the target markets with the most newspaper organizations likely to purchase Norkon’s products.

We considered financial literacy, tech savviness, middle-class growth, level of financial industry services, and if they have a supportive regulatory environment to determine the most appropriate target markets.

According to our research, we recommended the following markets:

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Singapore

These insights laid the foundation of all strategies.

Phase 2: SEO Strategy for Fantasy Funds

Embarking on Phase 2, we conducted an SEO playbook for Fantasy Funds.

Our content strategy focused on enhancing search rankings and directly engaging Fantasy Funds’ target audience with search intent match keywords. The keyword map guided the optimization of 25 URLs, aligning content with audience interests for scalable SEO success.

Our response was a strategic combination of gamification, financial literacy, and audience engagement as the core content themes.

These were underpinned by tailored sub-pillars, designed to resonate with various facets of the audience’s curiosity, addressing pain points and relevant solutions.

For example, here’s the keyword research for the content pillar audience (reader) engagement:

Here’s how we mapped and prioritized keywords into a 6-month content plan:

Once reviewed and approved, we started the content production process in an agile retainer based on set priorities across all channels.

Phase 3: PPC Strategy for Fantasy Funds

With the SEO strategy firmly in place for Fantasy Funds, we jumped into Google Ads. 
Here’s a quick breakdown of what we did to audit Norkon’s Google Ads:

Step 1: Account setup
Step 2: Bid strategy
Step 3: Campaign hierarchy
Step 4: Keyword strategy
Step 5: Ad copy

It was a detective audit to unveil gaps and opportunities, topped with a little competitor analysis.

Out of this audit emerged a 6-Month Strategy – a blueprint for success.

From search and retargeting ad tactics to keyword findings, ad copy, budget recommendations, conversion tracking implementation, audience orchestration, and a creative guide for retargeting display ads.

Here’s a little snippet of it:

To add to that, we also identified LinkedIn as a fruitful channel for their audience, so we set up a similar LinkedIn ad strategy with the following:

  • LinkedIn Ads Audit including market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • A full audit of their current setup

We reviewed current campaigns and suggested new campaigns based on the given data analysis and made recommendations for ad strategy.

Here’s the different options for Linkedin ad reach:

  • Lookalike Audience: Using already existing customer database and email database to find relevant audience members
  • Job Titles & Seniority: Focusing on core decision makers within the media and finance industry. (for budget management and ad performance)
  • Companies: Targeting users who work at specific media and finance companies
  • Location: Targeting users who work in specific target markets (Country or City Radius)

Despite the niche industries, and complex buyer persona, we had to come up with big enough audiences to target.

We decided to target different senior roles within the internet news, news publishing and media production industries.

Later on, we set up lookalike audiences and divided our ads for prospecting with the following structure:

And retargeting had a similar structure:

We implemented everything from audience setup to copywriting, design, ad budget, optimization strategist and ongoing maintenance of the account

Phase 4: PR Pitching and Content Production

To truly craft a holistic strategy, we had to put in some more legwork to get the content momentum going so that eventually, it would work for them. To start, we sent off pitches for guest articles and thought leadership collaborations as well as magazines and other industry-related websites.

For Fantasy Funds, we decided to focus on unique use cases of the products from industry giants. Many didn’t yet understand how gamification could be useful for news media!

One of our articles was published in What’s New Publishing (now Media Makers Meet). 

Check it out below:

All the while we were implementing this content strategy, the client established a partnership with International News Media Association, where we helped Norkon produce another thought-leadership article.

This topic was also chosen to broadcast the unique benefits of stock gamification.

Given that it was for the digital subscriptions blog, we focused the article on long-term engagement and conversions

We also assisted in putting together other partner content, to further advance earned and shared media for Norkon.

Here we helped the CEO strategically answer questions for all their products available.

Phase 5: Strategy Change to Live Center

To capitalize on a new opportunity, we changed our focus to Norkon’s other brand – Live Center.

As mentioned previously, Live Center’s USPs are similar to that of Fantasy Funds, and both solutions lead to an increase in website visits and advertising revenue, more user registrations and higher reader engagement for newspapers.

However, the solutions were way different. Rather than attracting users with a stock market game, Live Center attracted and engaged users with live, interactive news reporting.

Despite the similarities in USPs and pain points, Live Center has other types of buyer personas, so we had to create entirely new strategies for Live Center. 

So, off we went to set up a new organic and paid strategy for Live Center. It looked something like this:

We also created Linkedin Ads for prospecting, nurturing, and retargeting. We made sure to target all stages of the sales funnel segmented by buyer intent: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU to generate conversions.

The sales cycle for complex B2B is long and windy, so users often have to see an ad multiple times before making a decision.

By implementing ads for those “who already engaged with your ads” and for those “who already visited the website”, we nurture users further down the funnel.

As for PR initiatives, we helped produce three thought-leadership articles for Live Center.

Similar to Fantasy Funds, the topics of the articles were chosen to position Live Center as the new engagement tool for sports journalism, public broadcasting, and national news media.

While sports journalism and public broadcasting already use live reporting, many of them don’t know the innovative features available to them.

Many sites use old, outdated ways of reporting. With these articles, we wanted to highlight the variety of features available through Live Center’s digital publishing platform. 

Check them out below from the platforms WAN-IFRA and INMA:

Our last plan of action was to set up a digital event, to engage their audience in a new way.

Based on recent industry discussions, Live Center decided to focus on how to unlock the Gen Z code. In-person events that they had visited before had all brought up the need for successful strategies to engage the next generation of newspaper subscribers.

The CEO, VP of Sales and Head of Commercial went together to discuss the new wave of engagement tools, social media and AI development.

All in all, the digital event was successful and could be further repurposed into different content formats.

Ultimately our first phase of work together resulted in increased brand awareness for Norkon while the Live Center approach meant more conversions.

Through our fruitful partnership, Norkon and Live Center are now seen as a trusted player for audience engagement in news media, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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