How a Native Language SEO Content Strategy Helped Restructum Gain First-Mover Advantage

How a Native Language SEO Content Strategy Helped Restructum Gain First-Mover Advantage

Does an SEO-first online marketing approach to gaining first-mover advantage in a new and niche industry work?

That was the crucial question we had when Restructum, a law firm specializing in restructuring companies in Germany, approached us. They have just launched a service for restructuring in an entirely new niche (a new law put in place only in January 2021) and were keen to act fast and dominate the landscape. But they also wanted a healthy balance of quick wins and long-term growth, which is exactly what we at AS Marketing have accomplished for many B2B brands with SEO.

Here’s how we leveraged our agency’s native-language German SEO expertise, ability to navigate complex topics, and marketing operations prowess to help Restructum lead the new era of restructuring in Germany.

How We Helped Restructum Dominate
a New Niche Through SEO

Step 1
Keyword Research

To help Restructum gain a first-mover advantage, we conducted keyword research based on the new law and niche topics to help them become industry thought leaders amidst the rapidly-evolving business landscape.

Step 2
Target Market Research

We holistically reviewed buyer personas and customer journeys of all the decision-makers that Restructum needed to reach and developed a core messaging strategy.

Step 3
Site Structure Development

Using our keyword and target market research, we developed a site structure for Restructum’s new website that served as the foundation for scaling their content strategy in the future.

Step 4
Published Essential Bottom-of-Funnel Landing Pages

We published essential BoFu landing pages that exactly matched what Restructum offers. This helped them get quick wins and immediately rank for keywords with high transactional intent.

Step 5
Scaled Our Content Strategy

We then developed MoFu content verticals and ToFu thought leadership articles to further cement Restructum’s position as the industry authority.

Here are the top results:

screenshot of keyword position tracking for Restructum

We quickly grew Restructum’s visibility by targeting keywords with high transactional and commercial intent and creating comprehensive landing pages that ranked and won SERP features.

26 keywords that ranked #1-10 with high transactional and commercial intent that support lead generation and sales efforts

5 keywords with featured snippets

1 month to rank and win SERP features for new target keywords with a brand new website

A German-language marketing strategy that gave them the confidence, data, and clarity to increase their online reach and build their brand.

“With the launch of the new company, we were looking for an agency to place us effectively. We started working with AS Marketing, and so far, it has been really good. Not having to micromanage the project was one of the key advantages of working with them.

While it’s only been 6 months, I am sure we will have our desired results in a year. AS Marketing delivers regular content and audits, so we know we are on the right track.”

Kanika Choudhary, Brand Marketing Manager, Restructum

Expert SEO advice. Multilingual marketing. Complex topic navigation.

We check all the boxes. Eager to see what magic we can make with your business?

The Challenge: Gaining First-Mover Advantage in a Complex Niche

When Restructum approached us, they had just launched a new law service specializing in restructuring companies based on the new StaRUG law, which aimed to help companies reeling from the rapid economic and business changes of early 2021.

With the fresh opportunities that the new law provided and their long-standing reputation from their parent brand Schultze und Braun, they were eager to act fast. Like many new (and rather complex) businesses, their objective was to build their brand while expanding visibility and online reach.

Fortunately, they realized early on that sustainable SEO growth tactics and thought leadership positioning were the perfect cocktail to get the word out about Restructum. Not only would these ingredients make for quick and effective results, but they would also set them up for long-term growth.

But, as a law firm, they didn’t have the in-house resources to develop and execute an SEO-first marketing strategy. That’s where the AS Marketing team comes in.

Our Secret Weapon: Native German SEO Skills and The Ability to Navigate Sophisticated Topics

Few online marketing agencies have the language and SEO skills, as well as the niche expertise needed for Restructum’s project.

At AS Marketing, we pride ourselves on having skilled and experienced SEO and online marketing strategists who can communicate in English, deliver in German (and most other languages) and develop and create content around complex topics like the law, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.

With our agency’s collective skill set and streamlined marketing operations, we developed and executed Restructum’s go-to market strategy with minimal input needed from them, giving them the confidence to entirely rely on us for their SEO needs, so they can focus on scaling their business.

The Process: How to Build a Successful SEO Strategy for a New and Niche Industry

With our team of German SEO strategists and content writers knowledgeable in the German law and business landscape, we got to work on Restructum’s SEO strategy. Here’s how we set them up for quick wins and long-term success.

  1. Conducted keyword research. To lead a brand-new industry using an SEO-first approach, we needed to be strategic and creative with our target keywords. Conducting thorough keyword research helped us find our top content opportunities for Restructum.
  2. Reviewed buyer personas and mapped customer journeys of target decision-makers. As pioneers, we only had keywords with very low search volume to work with. Taking the time to fully understand Restructum’s niche and target audience helped us discover content ideas that resonated with the company’s key buyer personas.
  3. Developed a site structure and German SEO content strategy built for conversion and scale. Once we had a keyword list, we mapped and clustered keywords according to search intent and content verticals. This set us up to streamline content creation and ensure that our overall strategy aligns with the target audience’s needs as they go through the sales funnel.
  4. Published essential BoFu landing pages. We focused on publishing BoFu landing pages that helped Restructum get quick wins and immediately rank for keywords with high purchase intent.
  5. Maintained first-mover advantage with MoFu and ToFu thought leadership content. Once we gained traction with our initial target keywords, we scaled from BoFu content to MoFu content verticals and ToFu thought leadership articles to increase Restructum’s reach online and support their reputation as industry leaders in corporate restructuring.

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SEO is a proven strategy that helps you gain quick wins and sets you up for long-term success - whether you’re an industry pioneer, oldtimer, or newcomer. Work with our team of native-language SEO experts who don’t shrink back from complex topics and niches!

The Content Examples: Niche Content that Ranks and Converts

To maximize Restructum’s visibility across their target audience’s buyer journey, we developed the following content verticals for their website:
  • BoFu: SEO landing pages that gave target clients all the information they needed to reach out to Restructum’s lawyers and restructuring experts.
  • MoFu: Restructuring and StaRUG guides to update and educate key decision-makers on the new law and the opportunities it opens up.
  • ToFu: Thought leadership blog articles to position Restructum as the go-to information source for help with understanding StaRUG and the changing economic landscape.
Here are several examples of content that performed well:

Content Example 1: BoFu Sales Landing Page with the focus keyword “Restrukturierungsmaßnahmen”
Screenshot of our bottom-of-funnel content targeting keywords with transactional intent.
We created comprehensive bottom-of-funnel content to give Restructum the quick wins needed to lead the new and rapidly developing niche.

Content Example 2: MoFu Guide with the focus keyword “Gründe für Restrukturierung”
Screenshot of our middle-of-funnel content for Restructum.
We developed middle-of-funnel content to educate Restructum’s potential clients about the new StaRUG law.

Content Example 3: ToFu thought leadership blog articles
We also started publishing top-of-funnel thought leadership content to help Restructum’s ideal clients become better business leaders. By doing this, we aim to solidify Restructum’s role as an industry leader.

While SEO is most often thought of as a long-game strategy, creating a content strategy that matched their audience’s needs and aspirations across the whole buyer journey helped Restructum gain organic visibility in a matter of months in a new niche. We’re excited to continue working with them as their growth partner in the coming years.

Grow your reach and revenue with a proven SEO content strategy

Our role at AS Marketing is simple: we understand your brand and your customers’ needs, search for your top marketing opportunities, and develop holistic strategies to grow your business. We’d love to have you as our next partner.

We’d love to have you as our next partner.
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