How We Unlocked Newfound SEO Growth for PTV

Meet PTV, the leading global software company for traffic planning, simulation, and real-time management.

Their mission is to assist city governments in orchestrating the most efficient and sustainable infrastructure.

PTV has two websites where they showcase their products and expertise, their first website, and more recently,

Although their first website was already quite established, they knew they could unlock a new opportunity and level up their content marketing efforts by integrating SEO.

That’s when the spotlight turned to an expert partner to ensure their content soared higher in search rankings and generated maximum organic traffic.

Cue–AS Marketing!

Since May 2021, we’ve been a dynamic duo, collaborating on and off, as well as supporting them through multiple operational changes that have impacted their SEO strategy.

Here’s an overview of our work and the results we achieved:

How We Unlocked Newfound SEO Growth for PTV

How our SEO expertise helped PTV scale their strategy

Blog articles for
We helped PTV capitalize on an opportunity by transitioning content production to include SEO to grow keyword rankings and organic traffic.

SEO strategy for
For PTV’s second website, we created the SEO strategy and outlined the site structure to help ensure SEO success from day 1 of go-live.

Briefed, wrote, and edited AoA pages for
Using our strategy from the SEO playbook, we created content pillars around core topics PTV wants to rank for. We collaborated to produce the pages in the “Application Areas” section of the website.

Here are the overall results:

11 keywords ranking in top 3 for AoA pages

29 keywords ranking in top 10 for AoA pages

  • Estimated 88% CTR for organic SERPs
  • 98 keywords appearing on People Also Ask
  • 40 keywords appearing on Featured Snippets

SEO Playbook used as foundation for PTV team to produce content in-house that resulted in the cumulative organic traffic growth across from 0 to 10k

“My team had the privilege of collaborating with AS Marketing to build the pillars for our new website and to drive organic rankings for our blog. Their SEO playbook was a game-changer that laid the foundation for our growing SEO success. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone aiming to excel in digital marketing.”

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How we used 3 phases of on-page support to grow PTV’s SEO success

Success rarely happens overnight, but instead in slow and steady increments. That’s why we broke down PTV’s path to SEO success into three phases.

In phase one, we kicked it into high gear by crafting captivating blog articles that not only engaged readers, but also turbocharged keyword rankings and organic traffic on the original website.

Phase two was all about unleashing our SEO playbook—a masterful plan that ensured PTV’s new website and site structure was set up for SEO success from the get-go.

And as we revved into phase three, we briefed, wrote, and edited MOFU pages, turning PTV’s core topics into powerful content pillars that generated organic traffic and informed customers.

Let’s now dig into the details.

Phase 1: Blog articles for

It all began with their original website, company.ptv, where they took the first steps into the world of SEO, gaining a considerable amount of organic traffic along the way.

But PTV knew there was even more potential to unlock! By integrating SEO best practices into their content production, we supercharged their blog articles, transforming them into powerful vehicles that could nurture users and drive lead generation by internal links to their product pages.

In order to produce these blog articles, we identified topics that matched keyword search volume and search intent that were organized into a keyword map. 

Below you’ll find an example keyword map to support the product PTV Vissim, the Multimodal Traffic Simulation Software:

Furthermore, here is an example of a blog article we authored and its keyword rankings:

Phase 2: SEO Playbook for

Phase 2 began in Q4 of 2021 when PTV’s stakeholders decided to take the leap and create a brand new website— and was born! So that’s where we kicked off our SEO playbook to ensure maximum impact with SEO for the new domain.

The SEO playbook included:

  • State of SEO analysis from company.ptv to use as the KPI basis for both the blog and the main website
  • Global competitor analysis for logistics and mobility
  • SWOT analysis to identify weaknesses and opportunities
  • Backlink audit
  • Backlink gap analysis
  • Keyword gap analysis vs competitors
  • Keyword gap analysis PTV website vs blog (to check for internal content cannibalization)
  • Review of blog article performance from
  • Full funnel keyword research (for Tofu blog articles, Mofu AoA pages and Know-how pages, Bofu product pages)
  • New site structure to support the website migration process and new site set up (contains some tweaks from PTV since go-live)

Here’s what the new site structure we created looks like:

After the SEO playbook was complete, PTV had a chance to review our keyword map with content ideas, and they narrowed down the ones that were the perfect fit for the new website. 

They decided to start with the AoA section, which included topics that explained how their products apply in particular contexts, such as:

  • Route Optimization
  • Truck Route Planning
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Planning
  • Urban Mobility
  • Road Safety
  • Transportation
  • Planning

To give you an idea of how we used keyword research to create content ideas, here’s a sample from the keyword map:

Phase 3: AoA pages for

Phase 3 began when we worked on producing content for the AoA section of the new website. We originally produced 7 AoA pages for go-live, and PTV has since scaled that section out. Our team wrote about 50% of them, and also briefed PTV’s internal team for the other 50%, as well as reviewed their work to ensure SEO accuracy.

This effort has had quite the major impact!

For example with the page, we briefed, PTV wrote, we edited, and this now ranks for 6 top 10 keywords with a total SV of 5,010.

Another example is the page, where we briefed, PTV wrote, we edited, and it now ranks for 11 top 10 keywords with a total SV of 3,970.

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