How We Helped Wix Localize Content In 5 Languages

With their growing global audience, Wix has been eagerly looking to build out useful content in the Wix SEO Hub based on expert knowledge. But like many companies who face a common struggle, they didn’t have access to native-speaking experts with high levels of marketing and SEO expertise.

That’s where AS Marketing is here to help!

Let’s explore exactly how we localized Wix’s content in 5 languages and leveled up their international SEO strategy.

How We Helped Wix Localize Content In 5 Languages

The Key Elements of Successful Multi-Language Content Localization

Just like with Wix, many companies are eager to reach new audiences around the globe. But with that comes the need to translate your content. And one does not simply throw their website into Google Translate and hope to start rolling in more dough. 

So, what should you do?

Multilingual marketing experts are necessary to not only translate your content accurately, but to really capture certain idioms, phrasing and ways of speech that are different amongst cultures. 

Think about it like this...

Have you ever gone to another country, used a translations app to ask a local where the nearest taco stand is, only for that local to raise their eyebrows in confusion?

Trust us, non-localized content gets the same reaction behind the screen. 

To make sure that was not the case for Wix, we rolled up our sleeves and created targeted, multi-language thought leadership content. By using the power of keyword localization and a quality assurance workflow, we were able to craft high-quality content for Wix's SEO Hub in 5 languages. 

Element 1: Thought Leadership Content Strategy

First things first, no matter what your business is, information is always more authoritative when it comes from a subject matter expert. And with the Wix SEO Hub being composed of serious SEO experts only, our CEO & Founder, authored the pieces. 

Adriana and AS Marketing were asked to contribute because of our comprehensive experience when it comes to multi-language SEO. 

Because of our background, we created a plethora of thoughts leadership pieces for Wix as it pertains to our specific processes and experiences as a multilingual SEO agency. 

Most importantly, we helped identify overlooked, yet crticial elements that must be involved when it comes to successful international SEO projects by explaining them with specific examples from our own client projects. 

Element 2: Keyword Localization

Throughout the articles we crafted for Wix, we explain how crucial keyword localization is for SEO. Because the fact of the matter is: when you directly translate a keyword as it is, there is no guarantee that the local audience:

a) uses that phrase in their language
b) searches for that translated phrase

Here’s an example we provided on one of the articles:

Say you’re a U.S. based heated tobacco product wanting to expand into Hungary. The search volume for ‘heated tobacco’ in the U.S. is 390, while the directly translated keyword “ fűtött dohány” in Hungarian has a search volume of zero.

Instead, when we use the phrase, ‘tobacco heater’ (dohányhevítő) the Hungarian search volume is extensively higher at 880.

The lesson here: it’s imperative to identify search intent match keywords with search volume, otherwise it’ll be difficult to gain traffic from the market you’re looking to target.

For the articles written for Wix’s SEO Hub about SEO localization, we identified the following keywords per language:

Element 3: Quality Assurance Content Workflow

Now, when it comes to quality content– AS Marketing guarantees it. No matter the language or client, it’s our priority to make certain each deliverable is top tier.

From a content standpoint, this means our content is always:

  • Localized by language, location, and the specific target audience
  • Provides valuable and reliable information
  • Written at a native speaker language level
  • Easy to read

Through some trial and error, we’ve learned the most efficient way to incorporate these elements into the content workflow and we have to toot our own horn here… we rarely receive negative feedback.

Below is an example of how our project managers (the people in charge of getting a project from start to finish on time and on budget) use a traffic light status system to control the localization process. This helps all parties involved have a constant flow of communication between tasks and subtasks. Although the below image shows a spreadsheet, we transferred this process to a project management software, Asana. Asana enables us to set up timelines and a tagging system to make sure that everything flows smoothly and everyone involved in a project knows what their tasks are.

Although it’s not required that they’re native to that language, it does help when the project manager has some knowledge about at least one or two languages that pertain to the project. And, of course, it’s a necessity that they have a foundational understanding with international marketing.

When it comes to the content strategist, translator, and editors– they must always be native speakers of the target language, because they’re the ones directly creating the deliverables.

While using this process, we submitted the content to Wix and from there they provided a round of feedback on the outlines and full drafts. All that was left was to finalize the content.

This level of detail requires an efficient process where everyone knows their roles and timelines so that we don’t miss deadlines, which is one of our primary guarantees as an agency.

Here are the top results:

19 page top 10 keyword rankings across 5 markets since publication in December 2022

4 important keywords in top 10 in the US (primary target market)

Fully localized thought leadership content in 5 languages


Search intent match keywords with search volume in all 5 markets

Numerous rounds of positive feedback from readers who directly contacted us to say that they appreciated the helpful content

From content ideation to delivery, AS Marketing were professional, courteous and thorough. The quality of the localization was brilliant, adding relevant SEO and keyword optimization to each market.

Crystal Carter
Head of SEO Communications, Wix

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