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Our team of native speaker marketing specialists create multilingual strategies tailored to your global expansion needs.

Ditch Translations. Get Personal. Win At Global.

A robust multi-language digital marketing agency that drives results

Meet “Company X”, a company who was ready to expand their business across international markets. Company X knew that developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for international expansion required a lot of work, but was excited about the multitude of growth opportunities that going international offered.

Despite their enthusiasm, they realized they were facing a major roadblock: they didn’t have the resources to create localized strategies for regions that spoke other languages.

First, they thought about using a translation tool. But they soon realized that trying to translate their messaging to match another language and culture wasn’t really working, especially because they didn’t speak the native language. Without the language resources they needed to adapt and personalize their strategy for their regional audiences, they were struggling to meet their full potential.

In order to share their products with the world, Company X understood it was time to finally throw out blanket globalization and translations, but they needed a competent marketing partner to bring their dreams to life.

If you’re like Company X, you’re probably thinking “How can I manage holistic marketing strategies across several markets in different languages? Where can I find such a team to do that brings in results?”

Not to fear, AS Marketing is here!

AS Marketing is a multilingual digital marketing agency that helps you fill the language and marketing resource gaps. We create and implement holistic, cross-channel marketing strategies that bring long-term results in your desired target markets. We have a team of native speakers of over 30 languages who are ready to give you everything you need to successfully market to international audiences.

Break down barriers with multilingual digital marketing

Match Local Audience Expectations

Each culture holds different views, values, and traditions. Although translation can be helpful to some degree, you need to communicate in a way that matches local audience expectations and fosters ongoing trust. We help you do that in a manner that engages and converts.

Expand International Market Growth

Expanding into international markets can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve been relying on mass-market globalization efforts. Working with our multilingual digital marketing experts helps you expand into regions across the globe with strategies driven by native speakers.


Generate Leads &

Trying to navigate a website in a foreign language is frustrating and often doesn’t produce results. Implementing a holistic multilingual marketing strategy helps you increase trust and conversions with native speakers throughout the world.


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We are continuously expanding our capabilities. Send us a message if your target market isn’t listed here, as we can likely still support you!

How can our multilingual
marketing consultancy support
your international growth?

There are thousands of companies competing for the attention of your target audience. Don’t fall in line and resort to mass globalization efforts. When you really want to stand out as an industry-leader, use a personalized multilingual marketing strategy that:

  • Engages your target audience in their native language
  • Generate qualified leads and sales within specific international markets
  • Uses multi-channel marketing to incentivizes conversions and purchases
  • Creates harmonious international growth to maximize business impact

The AS Marketing 4P Framework


We appeal to a highly specific target audience and speak to them on an individualized level.


We integrate local adaptations to capture multilingual nuances across different regions.


We identify unique angles and communicate through local standards in the target audience’s native language.


We utilize efficient quality assurance processes to ensure relevant localization and strategic efficiency.

Multilingual marketing services that cover all of
your needs


Make sure your content is getting seen with multilingual SEO. We help rank keywords in targeted languages that are personalized for local searches.


Our PPC strategies are optimized for regional markets. With our native language experts, we help you adapt campaigns for cultural nuances around the world.

Email Marketing

From awareness to conversion, create email content that drives your audience throughout the sales funnel using marketing automation tailored to each region.

Digital PR

By working with local market subject matter experts, we help you grow brand awareness, authority, and market presence through thought leadership content and events.

Content Marketing

Our native language experts ensure multilingual content like whitepapers and case studies match regional expectations. We create content that leaves an impression.

Graphic Design

Every culture is influenced by different things, including imagery. Complement your localized content with graphic designs that match local audience design expectations.

And more!

Localized, punctual, and transparent for successful international growth

  • Localization for regional results: Every region has a unique way of speaking and processing information. Don’t miss your opportunity to grow by integrating unique cultural differences. Our native speaker international experts help you localize your marketing strategies.
  • Consistent marketing deadlines: When one deadline is missed, it can lead to wasted time, money, and efforts. With us, that’s not even a question. We always maintain strict deadlines and adhere to our agreed upon budget.
  • Transparency from start to finish: Expanding your business creates a lot of unknowns, especially when you branch into international markets. Our multilingual marketing experts always set realistic expectations for what we can accomplish within certain budgets and timelines.

Convert international audiences with our
multilingual marketing services

Find out for yourself how multilingual marketing services can improve your
international expansion efforts. Book a discovery call with us today!

Real people, real results, real international market growth

“Working with the AS Marketing team has been a pleasure. The team was able to not only craft a content and email marketing strategy to help us reach our goals, but also to lead us throughout the whole implementation process with dedication and expertise. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to up its game in content marketing.”

Tobias Arns

Chief Marketing Officer, Kindly

“AS Marketing has been very helful in developing and executing our SEO content plan. Before working with her, we didn’t know how to approach our content marketing in an efficient and cost-effective way. But from day 1, Adriana gave us a concrete plan that was really centered on the needs of our customers. Thanks to her, our organic traffic continues to increase, and with that, our user base and revenue. We’ve never worked with an SEO consultant like her before with suck a holistic and customer-centric approach to marketing.”

Anja Zschörnig

VP of Marketing, Loyalty Prime

“With the launch of the new company, we were looking for an agency to place us effectively. We started working with AS Marketing, and so far, it has been really good. Not having to micromanage the project was one of the key advantages of working with them. While it’s only been 6 months, I am sure we will have our desired results in a year. AS Marketing delivers regular content and audits, so we know we are on the right truck.

Kanika Choudhary

Brand Marketing Manager, Restructum

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Win at international marketing with localized content and audience messaging

Simply put, creating localized content from the ground-up is the only way to outperform competitors who are already saturating those markets. Achieving this begins with creating the right buyer personas.

In order to expand to international markets, it’s important to localize buyer personas, business strategy, and messaging. We work with you to create holistic strategies that make clients enjoy long lasting results on a global level.

Get targeted multilingual marketing strategies from native speakers around the world

Whether you’re just starting to expand into new markets or you’re looking to continue your growth across the globe, working with our multilingual marketing experts accelerates the time to achieving your goals. Partner with us to transform your international marketing strategies.

FAQs About Multilingual Marketing Services

What is multilingual marketing?

Multilingual marketing is a holistic marketing approach that allows for localized optimization in various languages. It goes further than simple translation services, allowing for cultural variations in language and search intent to be updated accordingly.

Which service is best for digital marketing?

If you want to scale but are not sure where to start, our multilingual marketing service is best for you. We help you research your market, identify your buyer personas, and find the best way to reach them. Deciding which service to focus on all depends on your industry, timing, and budget.

What do digital marketing services include?

Our robust multilingual digital marketing services include several components. We work with each client to determine their needs and create the most effective approach using a mixture of content creation, SEO, PPC, social media, and more.

Why is multilingual marketing important?

Multilingual marketing is the most effective way to expand into international markets. It allows you to connect with target audiences throughout different regions without cannibalizing keywords and search intent. If you want to become a globally recognized company, multilingual marketing is one of the most effective methods

What are the types of digital marketing?

There are many different types of digital marketing, but at AS Marketing we like to think of them in four categories: brand development, building authority, increasing visibility, and conversion. Different marketing channels work together to make up the foundation of a holistic marketing strategy.

What are the top digital marketing channels?

There are three major types of digital marketing channels: owned, paid and earned. The top owned channel is your website. It is basically the face of your brand. This is shortly followed by your brand’s social media presence, which can be described as your brand’s voice. In most cases, the top paid marketing channel is Google ads, because you can determine a user’s readiness to purchase based on the types of phrases they search for. Paid also includes social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Linkedin. Earned marketing channels describe content that’s created about you on other websites as a result of your digital PR efforts.

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