Streamline your HR operations for efficient global expansion

Automate international HR operations in local markets to reduce expansion costs, increase revenue per employee, and maintain compliance with local employment laws.

Expand HR Globally & Prosper Financially

The success of a company stems from the people who build it. That’s why HR is the most crucial department to streamline if you want to go international.

But the problem is: there are a bazillion local contacts in every country you want to expand into, and each one of them needs to be contacted individually to get things done. And that’s just for starters!

You have no way of knowing if these local contacts are up-to-date on labor law, employee onboarding processes, or even how much they charge for their services.

Worse yet, you don’t even know if they’ll be able to provide good service at all—or if they’ll do so consistently over time.

It’s no wonder so many companies fail at expanding internationally. And it’s not just a problem for startups—big brands have been stymied by this issue as well.

But what if there was an easier way? What if there was a single point of contact who could help with everything from work visa regulations, to payroll taxes, to hiring entity establishment? What if there was a single point of contact who could manage all of your global HR operations in one place

With a knowledgeable partner like us, you can globally expand without all the fuss.

Let AS Marketing help you expand your business internationally while staying innovative and hiring top talent.

We turn the chaos of a bazillion contacts and legal chaos into your international HR powerhouse.

We help you maintain and streamline your HR budget, while HR KPI efficiency leads to international market revenue growth.

And by the way, the modern workforce expects remote and flexible work.

Minimal points of contact and time saving are key factors for employee satisfaction, company longevity and international market share increase.

In a nutshell, we’ll help you:

Capitalize on opportunities from international expansion

Hire and streamline employee onboarding internationally

Maintain full compliance with local employment laws

Yigit Sabri
Co-Founder, AS Marketing & HR

  • 13 years of International HR Management experience
  • Head of HR – Europe in an international matrix organization for 7 years
  • Responsible for over 18 countries with 1000 employees
  • HR Consultant for European region countries for the last 4 years
  • Extensive experience in International matrix companies, including the tech and SaaS industries
  • Solid international expertise in EU and Japanese labor law
  • Proficient in HR Audit, Compliance, Compensation & Benefits, and HR projects for EU and EMEA countries
  • Specialized in HR Management for German companies with 13 years of experience
  • In-depth knowledge of German labor law, payroll, working council/union, recruitment, and other HR topics
  • Experienced in providing global HR Management support to international clients based in the USA

Adriana Stein
Co-Founder, AS Marketing & HR

  • Extensive expertise in international company contract law
  • Specialization in navigating legal complexities of hiring diverse employees for international projects
  • Proven ability to recruit and hire employees from diverse backgrounds for global teams
  • Vast experience in training international teams for successful project execution

Expand HR Globally & Prosper Financially

Compliance with local country employment and payroll regulations

Take the guesswork out of hiring internationally. Feel confident knowing you’re compliant and hiring top talent at the same time.

Support with company entity establishment and corporate contracts

Plant strong business roots and outsource seamlessly with our international business knowledge.

Expand capability to hire highly qualified employees internationally

Proficient professionals are at your fingertips. Onboard global team members and scale efficiently.

Support with international working permit regulations and processes

Save loads of time navigating complex international employment regulations and get support with obtaining work visas to hire from abroad.

Streamline international employee recruitment and onboarding process

Quickly onboard new international team members and start collaborating on projects immediately.

Improve company productivity and finances with efficient international HR

Speed up your HR processes with our automation tactics so you can focus more on what you do best.

Learn about how we've helped companies scale international HR operations

Learn about how we've helped companies scale international HR operations

Qualified, international employees are directly within reach.
Are you set up to hire them?

Craft a bulletproof HR ecosystem with our team. We help you feel confident and seamlessly scale HR.

FAQs About Global HR Services

What is the role of a global HR manager?

To support companies with all aspects of HR within different countries such as adherence to local employment law, international recruitment, company hiring entity establishment and more.

What is the difference between global HRM and HRM?

The activities are the same, the difference with global is that it spans across multiple countries.

How much do Global HR services cost?

This depends on your needs. We’ll have a call together to discuss and then send a proposal with costs.

Which countries and in which areas do your Global HR services apply?

We specialize in the US, UK, and EU in particular, however we also have vast experience across the majority of countries across the globe. We support our clients with all elements of international HR.

If we collaborate, how will the project be managed?

You’ll work with Yigit and Adriana, whose experience is listed above, plus a team of HR experts who support our team operationally.

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