How AS Marketing & HR Supported A T Industries GmbH

Services provided:


  • Interim HR and legal consultant services including:
    • Labor law expertise
    • Payroll management
    • Corporate regulations
    • German-specific employment contracts
    • An onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition into the system.
Benefits received:


  • Streamlined employee onboarding
  • Updating for labor law and payroll regulations
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Transitioning freelancers to employees

As one of Europe’s leading suppliers of vehicle textiles, fabrics, and floorcoverings, A.T. Industries expressed their desire to expand business operations into Germany. Although they operate in the UK and Portugal, they needed additional support to help comply with German labor laws and regulations.

HR and legal matters can vary tremendously across countries, and an in-house HR department may not be suitable for certain international companies. To help them oversee HR and legal support in Germany, A.T. Industries reached out to Yigit Sabri Tasoren, Co-Founder of AS Marketing & HR, for expert HR consulting services.

“Yigit has been a great help to us in setting up our business in a new country with new employment practices. His knowledge of International employment and tax law has been invaluable.

He works honestly and efficiently, and it gives us great deal of confidence as a business having his experience and knowledge on board.”

-Robbie Johnston, General Manager, A T Industries GmbH


Lacking HR support for compliance with German labor laws

A.T. Industries, an esteemed international automotive company with operations in the UK and Portugal, was interested in expanding their business operations into Germany. However, international expansion can be a comprehensive process, as it requires the understanding of local regulations and labor laws. They were lacking the required HR and legal support in Germany and needed an expert to assist them with labor laws, payroll, and company tax regulations specific to the German market.

A German-specific employment contract was created for the client that aligned with local regulations for their first hire within the country. Yigit also provided A.T. Industries with clear explanations and guidance on German employment rules, payroll regulations, and corporate tax regulations. Once an employee was hired, Yigit facilitated the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition into the payroll system.

After further discussions, the client recognized Yigit’s expertise in Portugal and the UK, leading them to seek further support as an HR and legal expert for those countries as well, on an ad hoc basis. He continues to serve as an interim HR and legal consultant for the client, offering his expertise in labor law, payroll management, and corporate regulations across multiple countries.


Creation of German employment contracts that align with local regulations

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Yigit Sabri Tasoren
Co-Founder, AS Marketing & HR

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