How AS Marketing & HR Supported the Expansion of Artemis Ave LLC into German Markets

Services provided:


  • Comprehensive Training and Development
  • Employee Contract Creation
  • Income Tax and Cost Analysis
  • Remote Onboarding
  • End-to-End Support
Benefits received:


  • Compliance with local country laws
  • Streamlined employee onboarding
  • Transition of freelancers to employees
  • Updated HR processes for adherence to local labor law and payroll regulations

An up and coming USA-based company was recently looking to expand their business and operations and wanted to hire an employee in Germany, but they weren’t quite sure where to start. They needed to adhere to German labor law regulations while remotely onboarding an employee in a foreign country.

“Yigit was very knowledgeable, diligent and thorough in his work when helping us onboard an Employee in the EU. I would work again with him without hesitation.”

-Martha Chang, COO, Artemis Ave LLC

International expansion is a huge milestone for company growth, but it brings about a unique set of challenges that can be difficult to maneuver. In addition to navigating the complexities involved in international employment laws, remote onboarding and employee management need to be addressed. As multi-language marketing and human resource experts, our team has the experience to provide companies with in-house HR assistance in new markets.


Compliance with German labor laws and tax regulations

Talent acquisition can be complex, even in local municipalities. When trying to hire international employees, it requires attention to detail in order to avoid penalties and fines. Artemis Ave LLC needed to ensure that:

  • New employee contracts are created according to German law
  • All German labor law regulations are followed
  • Employee rights are covered using strict policies and procedures
  • Proper payroll calculations and tax regulations for employee and employer cost
  • How to onboard an employee in Germany without having an entity in the country

As more businesses break into international markets, HR and labor-related issues become increasingly complex and challenging. Partnering with reputable HR services enables companies like Artemis Ave LLC to further their growth without facing compliance issues with national and international entities.

Concise training sessions were provided to both the client and their employees, which provided valuable insights into German labor law and tax regulations. This created a concrete foundation for subsequent tasks and future international employee acquisition. 

Following the training, Yigit prepared a comprehensive employee contract for Artemis Ave LLC, which allowed them to legally hire an employee in Germany. Taking into account German tax regulations and tax classes, Yigit meticulously calculated the income tax for the employee and determined the total cost to the company associated with the hiring. Onboarding was then executed and overseen from start to finish.

AS Marketing & HR was able to provide Artemis Ave LLC with end-to-end support in navigating German labor laws and tax regulations, ensuring legal compliance and a smooth onboarding process for their employees in Germany.


German regulatory training and the creation of a comprehensive employment contract


Ongoing support from initial contact to onboarding

  • Comprehensive Training and Development: Educating the client on important insights regarding unique German labor laws and tax regulations to avoid future penalties or fines.
  • Employee Contract Creation: Assisting the client in creating a comprehensive employee contract to ensure compliance with German labor law standards.
  • Income Tax and Cost Analysis: Meticulous calculations for employee income tax and the total company cost associated with hiring.
  • Remote Onboarding: Leading the onboarding process for the new employee, which involved facilitating tax registration, coordinating health insurance coverage, and ensuring compliance with pension insurance requirements in accordance with
  • German law and regulations.
  • End-to-End Support: Ongoing support from start to finish, without requiring the client to have an entity established in Germany.

Throughout the engagement, Yigit supported Artemis Ave LLC in navigating the complexities of German labor law, enabling them to hire international employees while complying to local regulations.

International HR Expertise for Expanding Companies

Yigit Sabri Tasoren
Co-Founder, AS Marketing & HR

Work with us for a smooth and simple market expansion. We’ll ensure that all aspects of your global human resource management is handled with uttermost expertise and efficiency.

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