How AS Marketing & HR Supported Enable Security

Services provided:

  • German-specific employment contracts in compliance with local labor laws
  • Revision of existing freelancer agreement to align with EU regulations
  • Onboarding and obtaining the correct working permit (WP)
  • End-to-end support and assistance on various HR matters including:
    • Employment-related issues
    • Freelancing agreements
    • Company service agreements
Benefits received:

  • Compliance with local country laws
  • Support with working permit regulations and processes
  • Expanded capability to hire highly qualified employees internationally
  • Avoidance of unfair service contracts with external partners

The growing team of researchers at Enable Security required assistance in creating employment contracts that adhere to German regulations. They were adding their first employee in the country to their team, and needed to make sure that, in addition to finding the right candidate, they acted within country compliance in the process.

Within the security industry, recruitment and talent management are extremely competitive. Enable Security wanted to find top-tier talent to join their team while ensuring that new employment contracts were in alignment with the rules and regulations within Germany. For help, they reached out to Yigit Sabri Tasoren, Co-Founder of AS Marketing & HR, for expert HR consulting services.

“Yigit’s HR services have been highly professional, reliable and tasks were completed in a timely fashion.”

-Sandro Gauci, CEO, Enable Security

Like Enable Security, any growth-focused company that is looking to expand into international markets is going to face unique challenges while navigating international employment laws. The team at AS Marketing & HR are experts in international HR policies and procedures, providing you with the HR support you need during expansion..


Compliance with international labor laws

The IT security company, Enable Security, headquartered in Germany required assistance in creating an employment contract that adheres to German regulations for hiring their first employee in the country. They also sought guidance on how to develop a freelancer contract that aligns with EU and German regulations in order to ensure a strong framework for intellectual property (IP), nondisclosure agreements (NDA), and data privacy rules. Furthermore, they needed ongoing support and coordination in order to obtain a working permit in Germany for their employee.

A German-specific employment contract was created for the client to ensure compliance with local labor laws. Yigit also reviewed and revised their existing freelancer agreement to align with EU regulations, applicable to both their current and future freelancers. During the process of onboarding and obtaining the correct working permit (WP), Yigit provided end-to-end support and assistance. Continued assistance for the client on various HR matters is currently in place on an adhoc basis. This includes employment-related issues, freelancing agreements, and company service agreements.


Creation of employment and freelance contracts that align with EU regulations

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Yigit Sabri Tasoren
Co-Founder, AS Marketing & HR

Our team of experts is here to ensure that every aspect of your global human resource management is handled with efficiency and expertise, without any additional strain on your resources.

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