How AS Marketing & HR Helped Euro-Marker e. K. Stay Compliant While Operating Across Multiple EU Countries

Services provided:
  • Interim HR manager support incl:
    • Individual employment contracts
    • Payroll processes to ensure tax compliance
    • Talent recruitment and acquisition
    • Streamlined employee onboarding
    • Automated HR operations in local markets
    • Contract support for external partners
Benefits received:

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Cost savings from reduced penalties
  • Greater efficiency in investment decisions

Euro-Marker e. K. is an international export, import, and wholesale company that utilizes a customer-specific approach. To further support their clients, they wanted to ensure local employees could carry out tasks and maximize support for orders, processing, and delivery/receiving. 

However, they lacked the necessary HR and legal teams needed to support their expansion into Germany, Switzerland, UK, Norway and Spain. This prompted them to reach out to Yigit Sabri Tasoren, Co-Founder of AS Marketing & HR, for expert HR consulting services.

“Yigit is a remarkable HR consultant who has been instrumental in helping our marketing agency, Paintgun, ov“Yigit has been a valuable asset in supporting our operations across multiple European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, UK, Norway, and Spain. His in-depth understanding of local labor law regulations and vast experience in these countries has greatly contributed to our successful expansion efforts by ensuring our hiring processes align with local requirements.”

-Feyzi Süren, Founder & Managing Director, Euro-Marker e. K.

Each industry requires a unique approach to international employment management. The more markets you operate in, the more complex international employment laws become. Our team understands the intricacies involved in international HR policies and procedures, allowing us to support companies that lack in-house HR and legal resources.


A lack of HR and legal teams to support EU expansion

Euro-Marker e. K. is a laboratory and chemistry company with its headquarters in Germany. While they operate in multiple EU countries, they lacked HR and legal teams to support their expansion into additional countries. Their primary issue was a lack of understanding regarding labor law, payroll regulations, and employee recruitment in these specific countries.

Individual employment contractors were created in adherence with each country’s local regulations. Yigit also began to manage the payroll processes in order to further ensure compliance with tax and social security regulations specific to each country. Additional support in talent recruitment and acquisition was also provided to help find suitable candidates in alignment with Euro-Marker e. K.’s needs.

As an Interim HR manager, Yigit also kept the client informed about any new regulations in the countries of operation while managing their employees in those respective countries. AS Marketing & HR was able to streamline employee onboarding, automate HR operations in local markets, and help Euro-Marker e. K. avoid any further unfair service contracts with external partners.


Creation of country specific employment contracts that adhere to local regulations

“Thanks to Yigit’s extensive network, we have been able to connect with qualified candidates in these [European] countries, enabling us to expand our team with the right talent. His assistance in finding suitable candidates has been instrumental in our growth.

We greatly appreciate Yigit’s ongoing cooperation and support. His expertise has played a crucial role in our expansion endeavors, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with him.”

-Feyzi Süren, Founder & Managing Director, Euro-Marker e. K.

Experience Seamless Market Expansion with AS Marketing & HR

Yigit Sabri Tasoren
Co-Founder, AS Marketing & HR

International talent acquisition and management is a multifaceted process that requires in-depth attention to detail. We’re here to help simplify the process while aligning global human resource management with international rules and regulations.

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