How AS Marketing & HR Helped Paintgun Create Structured Talent Management Programs

Services provided:

  • Employment Contract Creation
  • Employment Contract Amendments
  • German Customization of UK-Based Handbook
  • Provision of HR Templates
  • Updates on Labor Law and Payroll Regulations
  • Freelancer Contract Preparation
  • Interim HR Partner and Legal Consultant
Benefits received:

  • Compliance with local country laws
  • Streamlined employee onboarding
  • Updated HR processes for adherence to local labor law and payroll regulations

A budding German-based start-up company was in the midst of an expansion plan when they were met with HR challenges. They needed to recruit and train local employees to implement their expansion into new markets.

Recruitment and talent management are very competitive spaces, and Paintgun wanted only top-tier talent to serve as they set up their operations in Germany. They lacked an in-house HR department to oversee effective talent acquisition and onboarding programs so they reached out to Yigit Sabri Tasoren, Co-Founder of AS Marketing & HR, for expert HR consulting services.

“Yigit is a remarkable HR consultant who has been instrumental in helping our marketing agency, Paintgun, overcome the challenges we faced while setting up our operations in Germany. Yigit’s quick response time, accurate knowledge of the German market, and positive attitude have made him an invaluable resource.”

-Elco Ian, Founder & CEO, Paintgun

As companies grow and explore new markets, one of the key challenges they face is hiring local talents and navigating the complexities of international employment laws. Our team is well-versed in international HR policies and procedures. This is an invaluable service for companies that lack in-house HR resources.


Compliance with international labor laws

International talent acquisition and management is a comprehensive process with many moving parts. Companies must create detailed policies and procedures to cover all employee rights, including:

  • Sick leave
  • Annual leave
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Contract terminations
  • Probationary periods
  • Fixed-term contracts
  • Payroll regulations
  • Legal matters

HR and labor-related issues are ongoing matters that are all the more challenging due to the complexities of national and international labor laws. Hiring a structured HR and legal consultancy service enables brands like Paintgun to implement their expansion programs while maintaining compliance with local and international regulations.

A German-based handbook was adapted to align employee rights and responsibilities with German regulations. HR templates were developed to automate issues and suspensions of employee contracts. They received regular updates on German labor laws and payroll regulations to ensure ongoing compliance and avoid disciplinary actions. 

Yigit also developed employment contracts together with Paintgun that adhered to German labor law regulations, as well as contract amendments for existing employment agreements to ensure compliance with all German labor law standards. Even freelancer contracts were prepared and automated, developed in accordance with German and EU regulations.


A localized HR handbook for simplified recruitment


Comprehensive Support From Contract Creation to Legal Consultancy

  • Employment Contract Creation: Assisting the client in creating employment contracts that fully adhere to German labor law regulations.
  • Employment Contract Amendments: Reviewing and amending the client’s existing employment contracts to ensure compliance with German labor law standards.
  • Customization of UK-Based Handbook: Adapting a UK-based handbook to align with German regulations, covering topics such as sick leave, annual leave, disciplinary actions, and more.
  • Provision of HR Templates: Supplying HR templates for automation purposes, including contract termination, probationary periods, and fixed-term contracts.
  • Updates on Labor Law and Payroll Regulations: Keeping the client informed about new labor law and payroll regulations in Germany to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Freelancer Contract Preparation: Preparing freelancer contracts in accordance with German and EU regulations, with a focus on addressing false self-employment regulations.
  • Interim HR Partner and Legal Consultant: Acting as an interim HR partner and providing legal consultancy services to address adhoc HR and labor-related topics.

Throughout the engagement, Yigit supported Paintgun in navigating the complexities of German labor law, enabling them to establish robust HR practices while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

“Yigit has been a reliable partner, always ready to assist us with insightful information and guidance. His expertise in streamlining German employment contracts and navigating international employment laws has been essential for our success. He has helped us understand the complexities of the German market and provided us with the necessary tools to hire local talent effectively. 

We greatly appreciate Yigit’s dedication and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our needs are met. His contribution to our company’s growth has been significant, and we highly recommend his services to any organization looking to expand internationally and tackle the challenges that come with it. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

-Elco Ian, Founder & CEO, Paintgun

International HR Expertise for Expanding Companies

Yigit Sabri Tasoren
Co-Founder, AS Marketing & HR

Work with us for a smooth and simple market expansion. We’ll ensure that all aspects of your global human resource management is handled with uttermost expertise and efficiency.

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