Buyer Personas and Brand Strategy Packages and Pricing

Your audience should be at the heart of every marketing strategy. Create campaigns that resonate — and convert — by building insightful buyer personas and a strong brand identity.

We do localized content strategies for:

Dutch Czech Polish Turkish Japanese Italian Korean Filipino Arabic Portuguese Russian Ukrainian Danish Swedish Greek Hebrew


  • Target market research including market insights, local content messaging, and local resources for our target audience
  • x2 90 minute Workshops with marketing, customer service, and sales to develop more data-driven and business-process aligned buyer personas, as well as uncover operational roadblocks that are hindering business scalability
  • Buyer personas to help us design targeted campaigns and strategies (up to 4), as well as for repurposing across the entire company
  • Brand positioning framework USP messaging to differentiate you from other companies in your industry
  • Brand guide which unifies and strengthens our core messaging guidelines and content development strategy

EUR 10,000
  (one time project)

Build a brand that engages and converts your ideal audience

Let’s create a brand your customers can’t get enough of.

Frequently asked questions

About AS Marketing and Our Services:

We specialize in B2B marketing, particularly Tech & SaaS, Fintech, and Medical and Pharma. We also do B2C and eCommerce marketing.

This depends on the scope of work and complexity of your business but for small websites (50 URLs), we generally deliver SEO Playbooks in 4-6 weeks. For bigger websites (200 URLs), we deliver in 4-8 weeks.

We always start with a discovery call to understand your unique business needs. After that, we create a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommendations, timelines, and pricing for you to review and approve.

Yes, as your strategic marketing and business growth partner, we aim to help you train and upskill your team.

Yes, we do! Our white label solutions have helped numerous clients scale their own businesses.

Brand Guide and Buyer Personas

A brand guide sets the top-level messages and content creation standards for how your company should be represented to the world by your teams. This guide helps keep your brand and messaging strong and consistent across all platforms and helps you give your target audience a smooth experience.

A brand guide helps keep all of your marketing materials consistent so your target audience can decide whether or not to do business with you. Prospective customers want and expect you to lead them through this process in a consistent manner.

Buyer personas are detailed descriptions of someone who represents your target audience. It includes demographic and psychographic data, as well as marketing strategies that are tailored for each specific persona. With buyer personas, you’re able to tap into the stories, messages, and channels that resonate with your ideal customers.

One of the ways that we use customer personas and data is to align marketing strategies and operations and to help executive management in their strategic planning processes.

We start with our target market research, then we conduct interviews with your sales, marketing, and business development teams. We then develop the strategy and present our findings and recommendations to your team.

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