Marketing Automation Packages and Pricing

Save valuable time and resources and generate more revenue with marketing automation.

We do localized content strategies for:

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Marketing Automation Playbook

  • Marketing automation audit of your current lead generation funnel, content, and tech gap analysis in order to remove process-related bottlenecks
  • Foundational lead generation sales funnel with our recommendations for marketing automation content and the strategy to promote it (lead magnet, landing page, emails)
  • Lead scoring model to help both sales and marketing quantitatively and qualitatively assess leads
  • Customer journey map that outlines all brand touchpoints and how the buying process takes place throughout the sales funnel

EUR 7,000
  (one time project)

Marketing Automation Implementation

  • Conversion content production for 2 – 4 content pieces per month (landing pages per funnel page, campaign opt-in pages, lead magnets, etc)
  • Email welcome workflow creation and management designed to nurture and convert your ideal audience and accelerate your business growth (depending on topic complexity)
  • CRM data tracking and progress reports of key Marketing Automation metrics
  • Continuous updates and optimization with monthly A/B testing and updates to existing workflows
  • Project management, weekly strategy calls, and monthly performance reports

EUR 9,500
  (per month)

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Frequently asked questions

About AS Marketing and Our Services:

We specialize in B2B marketing, particularly Tech & SaaS, Fintech, and Medical and Pharma. We also do B2C and eCommerce marketing.

This depends on the scope of work and complexity of your business but for small websites (50 URLs), we generally deliver SEO Playbooks in 4-6 weeks. For bigger websites (200 URLs), we deliver in 4-8 weeks.

We always start with a discovery call to understand your unique business needs. After that, we create a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommendations, timelines, and pricing for you to review and approve.

Yes, as your strategic marketing and business growth partner, we aim to help you train and upskill your team.

Yes, we do! Our white label solutions have helped numerous clients scale their own businesses.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses technology and software to streamline your marketing efforts. This allows us to focus on strategy development and reach a wider audience.

Marketing automation helps you develop, test, and improve holistic customer profiles. We use these data to evaluate and segment consumers into highly targeted audiences, ensuring that the correct message reaches the right person on the right channel at the right moment in their customer journey.
Yes! Marketing automation benefits small businesses as much as it does large enterprises. In fact, to stay competitive against larger, better-funded, and more established competitors, small- and medium-sized businesses must use every advantage they can. Fortunately, marketing automation services are the life-blood of modern marketing and they help smaller brands increase their chances of converting prospects into loyal customers.

With marketing automation, we help you increase meaningful engagement with your leads, which converts them faster and with fewer resources.

It personalizes communication and delivers marketing messages based on their previous interactions with your brand.
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