How a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Increased Kindly’s Reach
and Revenue in One Year

If you’re a B2B business with multiple buyer personas, product
lines, and elaborate customer journeys, developing a holistic
marketing strategy can seem daunting.

When Tobias Arns stepped in as CMO of Kindly in 2020,
he was overjoyed by the number of opportunities for growth.

From the launch of a new website, to conversion optimization,
brand strategy, product messaging, and buyer persona
development, there was a lot of work to do.

That’s where AS Marketing stepped in. We immediately helped
Tobias and his team prioritize their top marketing opportunities
that quickly became their regular marketing roadmap.

How a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Increased Kindly’s Reach
and Revenue in One Year

How We Helped Kindly Scale Their Marketing Strategy

SEO Content Strategy

Kindly initially approached us for a website relaunch project. We took this opportunity to future-proof their overall marketing strategy with an SEO audit and content plan that connects and converts their ideal audience.

Brand Positioning, Buyer Personas, and Product Messaging Strategy

To further strengthen their marketing foundations, we helped them carve out their niche and set the stage for becoming thought leaders in the conversational AI space by clarifying who they are serving and how they show up best as a brand.

LinkedIn Strategy

Linkedin is where their people hang out, so we crafted messaging strategies for their team to execute.

Marketing Operations

We helped refine their overall marketing operations from attracting and recruiting the talent they desired to streamlining their content production process.

Google Advertising Strategy

Our team set up the Google advertising strategy that has increased the quality of the leads coming through.

Here are the top results:

Sustained organic traffic growth, thanks to a future-proof SEO strategy.

312% organic traffic growth globally and 10x organic growth in Sweden, one of their key markets (from April 2021 to March 2022)

107% increase in conversions (from October 2021 to March 2022)

5x increase in keywords ranked #1-10 in 11 months (April 2021 to March 2022)

A full understanding of their marketing and business growth priorities, their brand positioning and buyer personas, and the next steps they need to take for continuous and sustainable growth.

I contacted AS Marketing for SEO support with the upcoming relaunch of our brand and website. The collaboration was extremely successful, so we decided to continue working with them on an ongoing basis.

I love working together with AS Marketing, because they have an amazingly collaborative mindset, are highly organized, and have gone far beyond supporting us with SEO. They’ve also helped with our brand strategy, product messaging, Google Ad campaigns, and LinkedIn strategy.

They’ve been a huge help in Kindly’s growth journey and I am highly optimistic that will continue to be the case throughout the future.

Tobias Arns Chief Marketing Officer, Kindly

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The Challenge: New roles, and marketing projects, and websites — oh my!

Stepping into a new CMO position is tough.

Growth opportunities here, improvements there.

On top of Tobias’s ambitious goals to reposition Kindly’s brand, craft solid buyer personas, tweak product messaging, implement a social media strategy, and increase conversions, he also needed to recruit and grow his team.

Our Secret Weapon: prioritization, plans, and performance

Since there was a lot to tackle, we made sure to ground ourselves to this core question:

“How do we make sure our marketing plans are aligned with Kindly’s business strategy?”

We developed their core strategy with a full understanding that each marketing channel contributes to the overall plan. At AS Marketing, we enjoy getting our hands dirty and jumping into content production or even marketing operations to grasp the ins and outs of the business. Once we had a solid grasp on Kindly’s business ecosystem, we were able to Pablo Picasso their marketing strategy.

The Process: How to Develop a Holistic Marketing Strategy for a Complex B2B Brand

This type of project is no walk in the park. We’re pulling the curtain back on our process with Kindly so that you can achieve long-term marketing wins, too.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Buyer Persona Development to give them a better understanding of the needs and objectives of their buying committee, and completely change how the sales team thinks about their leads. After workshops with the sales team and target market research, we developed buyer personas and key messaging strategies that helped Kindly reach, engage, and convert their target customers.
  2. SEO Content Strategy, specifically an SEO audit and keyword map that became the foundation of their website relaunch and set them up for quick and long-term wins.
  3. Product Hierarchy Development which outlined how Kindly talks about their different products across their content in order to build consistency and clarity for their audience.
  4. Tone of Voice Guidelines which further helped us execute our overall content strategy in a consistent and cohesive manner.
  5. LinkedIn Strategy and Workshop for Kindly’s sales team to help them understand how to use their personal profiles on LinkedIn, as well as what to say on their company page.
  6. Regional Competitor Analysis to find key opportunities for marketing penetration and growth in their top target markets (Norway, Sweden, and global English speaking markets). Thanks to our diverse and multicultural strategists, we’re able to easily provide in-depth knowledge of local markets and best practices.
  7. Incorporating Technical SEO Review during website development and ongoing updates. We helped them obtain backlinks, optimize site speed, and resolve indexing issues, which had an immense impact on their domain authority growth.
  8. Content Production Process that ensures each content is created in the most efficient manner and on a consistent basis.
  9. Conversion Rate Optimization to ensure that our SEO and marketing efforts translate and improve conversion actions. By analyzing how users interact with the website, we have made changes to key touchpoints on the page, improved the flow of the site, and introduced new PPC landing pages which make it easier for the user to understand the product and get in touch easily. This has led to an increase in 107% in leads for Kindly to help their business grow.
  10. Google Advertising Strategy focused on engaging new users who are interested in similar products, as well as to introduce the product offering via search ads and retargeting ads.

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The Content Examples: B2B Content that Ranks and Converts

As the saying goes, ‘content is king’ but without a well thought out strategy, it won’t amount to much. So, we developed the following content verticals to optimize visibility on their website.

  • ToFu: Blog articles that aimed to educate our target audience about the value of Conversational AI, which is the process of creating one to one digital conversations with online shoppers in order to encourage purchases.
  • MoFu: Buyer guides to help their target audience understand how Conversational AI can be used, as well as give proven examples of success stories from Kindly’s case studies.
  • BoFu: Product-related SEO pages that use high purchase intent keywords such as “conversational AI chatbot” and “customer support chatbot”
  • Google ads: that increased brand awareness and SERP real estate to ensure we were in front of key decision-makers at the right time when they were searching for keywords relating to Kindly’s product offering. Our retargeting campaigns also allow us to keep the brand on the consumers’ mind at all times.

Here are several examples of content that performed well:

Content Example 1: ToFu Blog Article – Information Roundup

We developed this top-of-funnel blog article with the following objectives:

  1. Rank for the keyword “chatbot statistics 2022”
  2. Increase the target audience’s awareness of the multiple use cases of chatbots
  3. Obtain backlinks by summarizing current information about chatbots, so that other publications could use it as a source of data

After a short time, we achieved all our goals. This approach helped us get multiple backlinks within a span of mere weeks and made it one of the top-performing pages on the website. This brought new potential customers to Kindly’s website with a 30% organic Click Through Rate (CTR).

Content Example 2: ToFu Blog Article – Educational Post

This definitive guide to conversion strategy marketing helped educate Kindly’s target audience about the products’ value and guide them further down the sales funnel. It also positioned Kindly as an industry leader in conversion strategy marketing.

Content Example 3: MoFu Buyer’s Guide

This buyer guide covered Kindly’s buyer personas’ top questions and hesitations about the product.

Here are the keywords this page is ranking for:

Content Example 4: Google Ads

With our incorporation of responsive ads, each ad copy placement varies and is text-dependent on the reader. This gives Kindly the most bang for their buck with their ad spend and efficiency.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the performance Search Ads Data we helped Kindly obtain:

Since starting Google Ads for Kindly, we have set up a brand campaign and two service campaigns that focus on their core business, AI Chatbot & Conversion Rate Optimization.

Overall Google Ads have brought in a total of 539 conversions which is 31.21% of all conversions on the site.

With the power of teamwork, prioritization, and a diverse set of skills, Kindly was able to capitalize on rapid business growth.

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